What should I pay attention to when riding? HOVSCO

What should I pay attention to when riding?

Once you're off the road, enjoy the ride! One of the best ways to enjoy a moment is to be free from worry and "what ifs". You can reduce anxiety by carrying a few key items with you. For longer treks, you'll want to carry more gear, but here are a few things I always have with me. The items are stored in a simple saddle pack that attaches to my bike saddle.

  • Pump for bicycles or CO2 inflator. Having a way to inflate a tire in case of a flat is always a good idea. Two CO2 cartridges and a small pump that doubles as a co2 inflator are in my backpack. Since I usually ride in the rain, this can speed up the process if I get a flat. I always carry a spare tube, tire levers, and patch kit.
  • I also carry a bicycle multi-tool. It has metric hex keys and a screwdriver.
  • Nitrile gloves are included. Chains can be messy! They take up very little space.
  • A Powerbar. It's probably time to replace the one in my seatback since it's been several years! I always carry some food just in case!
  • A $20 bill.
  • A roll of duct tape. Wrapped around a tire lever. You never know when you'll need it.

Carrying these items will likely ensure that you'll never need them, which is all the more reason to bring them. When you take a few quick precautions before the ride and pack a few items, you can always enjoy the ride! Of course, also pay attention to obey the traffic rules!

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