At HOVSCO, we provide up to 2 years warranty for our bikes. In general, we will cover most problems of the system and defects from the factory.

Please refer to the following table for the warranty for specific parts.


Warranty Period


Electronic Accessories


2 years

The following conditions are not covered by the warranty:

1. Water damage of the battery, motor and controller. 

2. Battery 2-year warranty only cover the batteries that don't work in 2 years. 

3. Man-made damage, self-modification, collision damage and scratch of spare parts, etc.

4. Tire puncture by any sharp objects.

5. Ordinary wear and tear not resulting from defects in workmanship.


2 years*(Exclude Usable Ones)

Torque Sensor

1 year


1 year

LCD Screen

1 year


1 year

Front light

1 year

Basic Accessories


2 years

Front Fork

1 year


1 year


6 months


6 months


6 months

Fly Wheel

6 months

Thumb Shifter

6 months

Rear Derailleur

6 months

Brake Disc

3 months


3 months



The warranty will be automatically expired if any unauthorized modification occurs. During the service ordering process, you must notify us of any unauthorized modifications, or any repairs or replacements not performed by /HOVSCO that have been made to your product. We will not be responsible for any damage to the product that occurs during the repair process that is a result of any unauthorized modifications or repairs or replacements not performed by HOVSCO. 


The warranty will NOT cover the problems caused by any of the following causes

  1. Any misuse of the product, such as using the bike for commercial/rental uses, play dangerous act, etc., riding the bike on the abnormal road conditions.
  2. Any unauthorized modification to the product, such as disassemble the bike without direction by HOVSCO, faulty installation, repair, or maintenance by anyone other than HOVSCO.
  3. The product has been in any accidents, such as traffic accidents.
  4. The product has been in extreme environment (including extreme temperature or humidity), extreme physical or electrical stress or interference, fluctuation or surges of electrical power, lightning, static electricity, fire, acts of God or other external causes.
  5. Anti-rust layer damage caused by misuse (the damage of anti-rust layer can lead to the corrosion and fracture of the parts).



If you notice any problems under the warranty with your bike, please contact us at support-us@hovsco.com with the Following Information:

  1. Order number/ID
  2. The email and shipping address you used when placed order
  3. Pictures/Short videos of the problems and a brief description of the problems


Parts and Labor.

HOVSCO may provide both parts and labor, but may direct that you replace certain parts yourself, as described below. In most cases, we do not require you send the defective parts back to us. 



(DIY) Parts Service. DIY Parts Service allows you to service your own product. If HOVSCO determines that DIY Parts Service is available to you, HOVSCO will ship to you a replacement part for your product. The replacement part will be accompanied by instructions on installation and any requirements for the return of the replaced part. HOVSCO reserves the right to decide if the labor costs relating to DIY Parts Service will be covered or not.


For any repair outside the Warranty

Even if your problems are not covered by the Warranty, you can purchase the replacement parts from us. As the manufacturer, we offer competitive prices for the parts of our bikes. To purchase replacement parts from us, please contact us at support-us@hovsco.com for further information.



We DO NOT accept the return of the bike without emailing us first. If you have any problems with the product, please contact us at support-us@hovsco.com. Our dedicated customer support will be more than happy to assist you.