HovRanger Reviews

HovRanger Reviews from Professional Ebikes Youtubers

By TailHappyTV

" In particular, I think this bike will appeal strongly to the female audience shopping for a nice ebike, and also potentially men looking to buy their significant other an ebike as a gift.  This bike designed to make commuting easier while providing an enjoyable riding experience. It's my favorite ebike for women, excellent pink ebike! " 

By Twisted Gypsy

"The bike goes really nice and fast and it feels really good and sturdy.  I feel like that's a good pedal assist, it effortlessly conquered touch terrains including rocky paths and inclines without compromising stability or performance. It's a gorgeous day for this guys oh my gosh I love it so much let me just say I love it this is going to be me and my hubbies totally new pastime. I love it fantabulous. "

Our Life In "Holland" - The Bingham Family

" It is freaking awesome, this Hovranger bike could reach top out at 28 miles an hour, thy are pedal assist that can be adjusted according to preference. From level zero (pure cycling) to level five (maximum assistance), these bikes offer versatility fo some exercise or prefer effortless rides.They are absolutely amazing!" 

By Electric Revolution

" l really liked the torque sensor on the pedals that allows the motor to let you always feel the 65 Nm of torque but always in a smooth, soft way,  the torque sensor that delivers power on demand and anaggressive riding style so l want to say it a good commuter mountain bike.  Lots of good stuff with this bike!"

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