HovAlpha Step Over Reviews

From Professional Ebikes Youtubers

By Electrek

This is the most natural-feeling pedal assist I have ever used on an electric bike. It's a torque sensing beast ebike.

By Juiced Joyrides

This is one of the more enjoyable budget-friendly bikes I've rode. This bike is holding up extremely well riding out here in the sand probably the best of any e-bike I've reviewed so far. One thing that makes this bike stand out from the pack is it has a smart torque sensor. Well recommend!

By DavidBrandNew

It's quick, fun, fast, and it's probably the perfect fat ebike. The Hovsco HovAlpha E-Bike proved to be an impressive ride, excelling in various performance tests. The inclusion of a torque sensor instead of a cadence sensor makes this bike more intuitive by adapting power output based on rider input. 

By Red Reeling Fishing

I thought I'd never fish here again, new ebike makes it possible! This thing is an absolute blast. I am having so much fun on this bike.

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