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Electric Bikes: Why Are They So Popular?

Not long ago, we wrote an article about Ebikes in The Future, the future of electric bicycles will become more and more popular, and now we can understand why e-bikes will become more and more popular?

Lower Running Costs

Electric bicycles are more expensive than their traditional counterparts, but they remain a cost-effective mode of transportation. Electric bikes typically cost several thousand dollars. Additional costs include the battery, electric motor, and control system.

If you choose an electric bike, the true economic benefit comes in the long run. People often say that an e-bike costs the same as a used car. This is true. However, operating an electric bicycle is much cheaper. For one thing, you don't have to pay for fuel. Gas prices are high and always going up. When you go electric, you'll spend a fraction of the cost of gas.

You still have to recharge the battery, and it won't be free. You're right. But let's compare the two. An American citizen drives 13,500 miles per year on average. Calculate how much it would cost you to recharge the battery of an e-bike to cover the same distance. Since the average cost of a kW/hour in the United States is $0.12, the yearly price would be just $24. Calculate how much you spend on fuel each year and draw your conclusions.

Environmentally Friendly

More than ever, people are concerned about the effects of global warming and the resulting climate change. Therefore, going "green" to reduce CO2 emissions has become a global trend in recent years. The use of gasoline engines for transportation has been banned in several European countries by 2030. In such scenarios, electric vehicles, including e-bikes, can make a significant impact.

Different actions to reverse global warming are also gaining traction in the United States. More and more Americans prefer electric cars and bicycles for commuting. However, electric bikes are more affordable than electric cars. The choice is obvious for many Americans. By purchasing an electric bike, they contribute to reducing the emission of harmful greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

Healthy Exercise

Health benefits of electric bikes are numerous. E-bikes are often misunderstood as removing the effort of riding by providing the motor's assistance. This couldn't be further from the truth. Bicyclists can choose the level of assistance they get from their electric bikes. Delfast Top 3.0, for instance, offers a variety of power modes, including a basic pedal-assist mode. In the latter case, the motor will only assist the cyclist on challenging terrain.

Healthy lifestyles are becoming more popular among Americans. Somehow, it is a new trend. They pay attention to their diets and try to exercise more. Rather than driving a car, more Americans commute by e-bike. It has become the favorite vehicle of thousands of Americans seeking a healthier means of transportation. This two-wheeler is extremely popular on designated cycle lanes and off-road trails in the United States because of its long range and reliability.


Everyone can ride an electric bike. This is one of the main reasons why these vehicles are so popular in America. The Top 3.0, which is the most popular e-bike in the United States, offers multiple power modes to support cyclists. Hence, people who were previously unable to pedal a conventional bike due to medical conditions can now do so. Users can select the most convenient power mode and hit the trails right away. In addition, the elderly can continue cycling without the risk of injury.



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