How Many Watts Does an Ebike Charger Use? HOVSCO
How many watts does an ebike charger use? Also, find out how much electricity it would take to charge your ebike.  Most people think that an e-bike may use an exceptional amount of electricity, but that's not true! In this...
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What is the Best Electric Bike? HOVSCO
Electric bikes are one of the fastest growing segments of the biking industry today. Almost $5.9 billion of the cycling industry in the United States comes from e-bike sales, according to a global data report.Today, electric bikes are considered a...
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Do You Even Need an E-bike Computer? HOVSCO
You need a bike computer if you're really into cycling, especially at a competitive level, or you regularly do long training rides and want a complete report on your rides because that's exactly what bike computers are for. However, the...
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