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What Are The Benefits Of Electric Bike Transportation?

E-bike riding has become a fad, what are the benefits of e-bike transportation?

Fuel Cost

Gas prices seem to be the most obvious problem. Even in today's economy, a dollar will get you half a gallon of gas. It will translate into about 10 miles of travel, or maybe 20 if you have an efficient car. $1 is equal to 20 miles with a car. With a standard 10 amp battery found on electric bikes, you can get 13 full charges from that battery for $1. With that $1, you can travel anywhere from 250 to 500 miles. Clearly, riding an electric bike to work saves you money.


Another reason to ride an electric bike is cleaner air. Clearly, you are not polluting. You drive along; and this is especially important in urban areas where trucks, cars, and all that stuff are densely populated. It is good to have one fewer car polluting the air.

Noise Pollution-Free

Electric bikes are also very quiet. Now you might be thinking "my car is pretty quiet". Cars have a motor, yes, but it's their tires that are most annoying. Imagine how far away you can hear the roar of the highway; it's not the engines, it's the tires rolling down the road. You can really calm things down if more people rode electric bikes.

Free Parking

Parking is free here, which I appreciate. Basically, you just roll up, lock to a bike rack, a parking meter, whatever. There's no need to circle the block looking for a parking garage; swipe your credit card and be shocked at the end of the day how much you're charged for parking; so really the parking is not only more convenient, but it's free.

E-bikes have some economic advantages, they have some environmental advantages and they are just a great way to get around.

Do you have any other benefits with your electric bike?

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  • Dianne Miller

    I like it when you talk about the benefits of the use of electric bikes and among them, I agree that you tackle that transportation is one of the largest contributors to global warming, so the need for alternatives to save the environment. Electric vehicles are one way to limit our reliance on fossil fuels, and electric bikes, in particular, require far less electricity than electric cars or electric motorbikes due to their compact size and weight. I’m planning to buy one for myself since gasoline nowadays is expensive.

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