Everything You Want to Know about Ebike Etiquette HOVSCO

Everything You Want to Know about Ebike Etiquette

Learning the rules of the road can be a challenge, especially if you're a new rider who finds themselves on the trail with experienced cyclists.

How do you know when to pass? If there is no rack available, where should I lock my bike? What about the sidewalk? Am I allowed to ride there?

Here are some tips:

  • If you have any questions about where you can ride, you should contact your local transit authority. Ebikes are still a relatively new technology, so rules can change on a dime. Some areas may also have different rules.
  • You don't have to ride your bike at 20 mph all the time. Ride at the speed of traffic wherever you are. When you're on a bike path, act like a traditional bike. In a heavily pedestrianized area, act like a pedestrian. There are plenty of chances for your electric bike to shine, but sometimes it's just good etiquette to blend in.
  • Particularly when you share the road with cars, signaling is essential. If you're nervous about riding with one hand, you can always come to a full stop before turning your bike. Riding predictably isn't just about etiquette - it's about safety.
  • Using bells is a great way to let people know you're passing them! Be respectful when using them. Usually, a single ring will suffice, but if they don't respond, a second (or third!) ring may be required.
  • Lock up your bike in an area that won't impede foot traffic or block ADA accessibility if you need to run into a business without a bike rack. Always choose an area with high traffic and good lighting. Don't give thieves any privacy! You want as many eyes on your bike as possible.
  • Don't be shy! When you're on a bike, you're representing all cyclists everywhere, so when others have a positive experience, we all benefit. A quick smile can go a long way.

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