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Ebike Tips for New Riders

Protection Against Theft

First and foremost, keep the ebike. Register and lock it to prevent theft. You should select the best lock you can afford and easily carry with you when you ride. In addition, whenever possible, park your ebike in front of a security camera (banks are ideal).

Be Safe

  • Head Protection: Most municipalities require bike riders to wear a helmet. No matter if a helmet is a legal requirement, we strongly recommend you wear one. Ensure it fits correctly and is newer (internal helmet components break down after 5-6 years).
  • Visibility: Your goal is to be as visible as a car on the road. Make sure you wear bright colors that are easily seen; and for nighttime rides, wear light-colored (or light-integrated) clothing. Should you be riding on dark trails or unlit streets, you might want to upgrade your headlight and consider adding additional reflective stickers.
  • Back up: When you carry tools, you also carry peace of mind. In addition to wrenches, tire levers, a multi-tool, and more, our Roadside Repair Toolkit wraps easily around the frame.

Gear Up

It's your bike. Do you have what you need for your ideal ride? It is likely that if you received your electric bike as a gift, you are eager to customize it to suit your taste.

Keep Learning

shares images and stories from our riders. You'll also find updates on bike offerings, accessories, and riding advice to help you get the most out of your bike. 

We recommend reading a few additional blogs that provide storage, battery, and repair advice (should you need it).

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