The Ultimate Ebike Maintenance Schedule & Guide

Now that you have your new ebike, you are wondering “What kind and how often do I need to maintain it?” Regular maintenance is vital to the safety and longevity of an ebike. In the same manner as car maintenance, ebike maintenance is a simple task that, once it becomes routine, will seem as natural as wearing your shoes before leaving the house, and it will become as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Your electric bike needs six "different" maintenance schedules to ensure safety and durability, many of which you probably already follow without realizing it. Some items may seem difficult at first, but once you figure out how to do them, they will also become second nature to you. Do not be intimidated by this relatively long list. You just need to get used to it.


This should take you around 5 minutes with a little practice!


Check Tire Pressure

Tire Pressure Gauge

Check tire pressure is within the range specified by the manufacturer.
The range or limits can be found on the sidewall of the tire. Fill or release air as necessary.

Inspect Brakes


Whilst rolling your ebike besides you, pull on one of the brake levers.
The ebike should come to a stop immediately. Repeat with the other lever.

Check Headset


Pull the front brake and rock the ebike forward and backward.
There should be no play in the handlebar mount. Tighten if needed and re-test.

Clean & Lube Chain

Chain Lube & Rag

With the tires of your ebike off the floor, grasp the chain between the back gears and pedals with
a clean rag. Spin the pedals a few times so that the chain runs a few cycles through the rag,
cleaning off any dirt. Apply lube as instructed by the manufacturer.

Check Wheel Tightness


Check that each wheel's axle nuts are tight and there's no wheel wobble. Tighten as needed.

Check Battery Charge


Turn on your ebike and ensure it is sufficiently charged for your journey.



If you practice a little, you should be able to complete this in less than 10 minutes!


Inspect Tires & Rims


Look for debris and damage on the rims and tires.

Check Shifter &


With your ebike tires off the floor, turn the pedals and shift through the gears.
Your ebike should shift seamlessly. Additionally, check the derailleur for any debris.

Wipe Down Frame

Clean, damp rag

Take a rag and wipe the frame of the ebike.
Whilst doing so inspect for any damage and cracks.

Wipe Down Chain

Clean Rag

With the tires of your ebike off the floor, grasp the chain with the rag and spin the pedals
a few times so the chain runs through the rag (The frequency of this step is dependent on both
climate and the terrain you ride in. Some may need to do it daily others every month).

Check Pedals


Give your pedals a once over to check for any cracking.

Check Wheel Straightness


Turn each wheel in turn whilst looking straight down the tire.
You should observe no wobble.

Charge Battery

Battery Charger

Put your battery on the charger so your ebike is fueled and ready for your next adventure.



Note: The checklists below may be labeled by a specific timescale, but these time scales are aimed at the daily rider. If you're just a weekend warrior or an intermittent, casual rider, your ebike may not need these tuneups as often.

Doing some further research and purchasing the tools and equipment necessary to complete these lists can be beneficial for your long term financial health; plus, you become more knowledgeable and in tune with your daily ride.


An easy task that can be accomplished with basic bike tools.

  1. Clean the chainrings, cassette, and derailleur pulleys
  2. Check and tighten the crankset
  3. Brake pads should be inspected


Performing a more thorough inspection and tuneup requires some in-depth research and special materials, but they are not hard to locate.

  1. Chain water should be checked
  2. Clean and lubricate suspension sliders (if applicable)
  3. Lubricate all brake and gear shifting cables
  4. Grease and lubricate the chain and all chainrings, both front and rear.
  5. Lubricate all other drivetrain elements, such as the derailleur and chain


Many places call this a complete tune-up, and it is recommended twice a year for daily users and once a year for weekend warriors and casual riders. Most places charge around $100 for this service.

  1. Make sure the brakes are working properly
  2. Check the gear shifters for proper operation
  3. Be sure to lubricate both the brakes and the gear shifters
  4. Make sure the drivetrain works normally
  5. Be sure to true your wheels
  6. Check your bearings
  7. Make sure all bolts are tight


The annual checklist combines everything from the six-month checklist with a complete breakdown of your ebike, checking all its components are working as they should, cleaning said components, lubricating them and reassembling your bicycle. For daily commuters and serious riders, this should be done annually. Weekend warriors and casual riders probably need this only every 18 months to 2 years.


You can take your ebike to your local ebike service center if you're not comfortable with any of the elements listed in the checklist above. These highly knowledgeable technicians are often able to identify any problems as second nature.

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