Can you ride your electric bike on the beach?

Electric bikes have taken the world by storm! It is easy to see why because they offer so many possibilities. With an electric bike you can ditch your car for your daily commute or for local trips, thus avoiding the stresses of parking. You can head out on bike trails and adventurous road trips, you can have fun in the great outdoors or in the city. You can do all this while improving your physical health and helping the environment.

Hovsco offers a fantastic range of electric bikes for all purposes and styles. So whether you want an e bike to ride through the city, a rugged mountain bike or an electric bike for beach, you can find it in our wide range of bikes. Even better many of our electric bikes can be used for all purposes.

Let’s check out some ways you can use your electric bike so you can decide which type of e bike is best for you.


Electric bike for beach

Nothing beats riding your ebike across the beach! You feel at one with nature and certainly turn heads from any onlookers because it looks so cool and is so much fun!  Even better if you live within a few miles from the beach, you don’t have to drive or search for a parking space once you get there.

If you plan on using your electric bike for beach riding, you need a fat bike with fat tires. Fat tires turn your bike into the ultimate beach cruiser because the construction and design of the bike and the tire prevents it from sinking into sand as would be the case of any other bike with conventional tires. With fat tires you can speed across the beach almost as easily as riding along a paved road. Fat tire bikes were designed for this purpose!

Any type of fat tire e bike will be great on the beach – you don’t need to search for a specific beach cruiser bike because any fat tire bike will do the job just fine. However to make it truly beach ready you do need to check you are using the best tires for sand. For an electric bike for beach use, you need knobbly tires that provide grip over loose materials such as sand, gravel, dirt and snow.

So if you are riding with BMX tires which are designed to be smoother for speed, you will need to change these for knobbly tires for the best results in beach riding.

Check out the Hovsco range of fat tire e bikes. These rugged models all make great beach cruisers and they have the great cool look too.

For vacations, the HovBeta Foldable bike is a perfect electric bike for beach and for getting around and exploring. Equally the Hov Alpha, Hov Alpha Step Thru and Hov Scout will all perform well on the sand. Alternatively the Hov Cart gives you the carrying space to take all your beach gear with you.

Electric bike for city use

If you live in an urban environment, an electric bike that is designed for town and city use is a good choice. It will get you to the office and back and is also perfect for country rides and trails. Many trails through national parks and outdoor spaces are paved and smooth enough to be suitable for most types of bike so you are free to ride where the mood takes you.

The Hov Ranger is a commuter bike that offers so much more than simply getting you to work. Comfortable, fast and with a great rugged look, this ebike is as at home in the city as it is with trail riding. It is the perfect choice for anyone who wants a multi purpose e bike to use every day for work and for play. It features conventional mid width tires so has a faster turn of speed than the fat tire models and is more portable and lighter to carry. This is important if you need to store your bike in an office or an apartment.

The Hov Ranger is available as a step thru and as a cruiser. It performs well on hills, has a 60 mile range and offers fantastic style and comfort for a wide range of riding conditions.

Electric bike for seniors

Did Hovsco create a brand specifically designated for seniors? The answer is a resounding no! All Hovsco bikes are safe, comfortable and easy to ride and are perfect for all ages and riding abilities. Many seniors have a lifetime’s experience of bike riding after all and this company does not patronise seniors by offering anything less than the best in performance. That said some types of ebike appeal more to the older age group than others.

Fat tire bikes are fantastically safe and comfortable. They grip the road well and many seniors enjoy the smooth ride and solid construction of a fat tire bike. The only downside for seniors is that this type of bike is heavier to carry than conventional models so if you need to manually lift your bike on a regular basis, you will need to consider this before you buy.

If you do want a fat tire e bike that is easy to lift and transport, the HovBeta Foldable is a fat tire e bike that is designed to be portable. It is perfect as an electric bike for beach and is ideal for taking on vacation.  If portability is not an issue, a step thru such as the Hov Alpha is a good choice. The step thru design means it is easy to mount and dismount and you can add a basket if you are using the bike for local shopping trips or need to carry stuff around.

Electric bike for off-road use

If you are looking for an e bike to use predominately off-road on rugged tracks and trails, a fat tire bike is your perfect partner. With a fat tire bike you have the freedom to ride just about everywhere. The fat tires give the bike a stable grip on the road in rain and it is equally at home as an electric bike for beach or on snow or gravel.

You can use your electric bike off-road on BMX trails and rugged terrains. For this purpose smooth tires with a cross grip will enable you to grip on impacted gravel or dirt. If you wish to go off-road on powdery surfaces such as sand or snow the advice is to choose knobbly tires for added safety and grip.

Hovsco electric bikes are designed to be used for a wide range of purposes. Even the e bike range described as commuter bikes are fine for going off road.

Fat tires generally perform better in adverse conditions but hybrid bikes such as the Hov Ranger can also cope off road and do offer a faster turn of speed than their fat tire counterparts.

So which electric bike is the best all rounder for beach and city?

In our opinion, you can’t go wrong with a Hovsco e bike. If riding on the beach or taking your bike for a ride on powder snow is important , choosing from the fat tire range gives you this freedom to go literally anywhere in safety and comfort.

 All Hovsco fat tire models can be ridden on the beach without causing any damage to the bike or at any risk of falling over. Obviously it is important to keep your ebike out of the sea or you will damage the electrics but otherwise you are good to go.

Fun stylish and versatile, the Hovsco range of fat tire bikes is a new generation in ebike design. Choose the Hov Cart for easy transportation of up to 450 lbs payload capacity. Alternatively enjoy an 80 mile range, sleek good looks and all terrain capabilities with the Hov Alpha.

If you are looking for a versatile bike that does not include riding on sand or too adverse conditions, the Hovsco Ranger is a fantastic all round bike that can cope with most conditions and terrains. Highly rated by customers and one of the most popular models in the range, this e bike is not the best choice for the beach but it is a fantastic ride for everything else.

The evolution of ebikes

E bikes are the fastest growing method of transport in the USA today. Popular, economical and fun to use, people of all ages are turning to e bikes for recreation and for getting around. The best electric bike for beach can also be the best e bike for commuting and riding on trails. Today you don’t really need to choose an e bike based on just one purpose. With Hovsco your e bike will take you wherever you wish to travel because they are truly multi purpose and adaptable for every trip you wish to take.


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