Electric bike trails that may be closer than you think

There are thousands of bike trails in the USA so if you are looking online for electric bike trails near me; you are spoilt for choice. From long quiet roads across open countryside to exciting mountain climbs, forests, coastline and off the beaten track; there has never been a better time to get in the saddle. All you have to do is grab your water bottle, turn up and ride!

Hovsco bikes are your perfect trail companion. No other bike range offers such versatility, safety and comfort. And with a range of up to 80 miles before recharging is necessary, you have the freedom to explore any of the best e bike trails in the US.

So if you are looking for electric e bike trails near me you might be surprised to discover what is on your doorstep.  In addition don’t forget areas such as National Parks and areas of natural beauty that may be closer than you think.  Many  of these have designated bike trails which are there waiting for you to discover. And with a Hovsco e bike you don’t need to be a super athlete in order to enjoy them.

First up let’s take a look at some of the areas where you can ride your e bike.


Ride your ebike through the national parks

Most bike trails in the US are now open to electric bike riders. National parks which once had restrictions on some e bike categories have now opened their doors to all electric bikes with the provision that all riders should use their pedals , rather than throttle though certain areas. So if you have dreamed of riding through Yosemite, Yellowstone or any of the 63 National Parks that span the country, now you can.

According to the National Park regulations, the rules on throttle use are carried out on an honor basis so it will be interesting to see whether most people adhere to this ruling and if not whether there will be any actions taken against people who don’t!

Explore the forests

The Forest Service  which is part of the USDA (US dept of agriculture) has over 60,000 miles of motorized trails and roads through forests and grasslands available to ebike use. Local Forest Service officials are extended this to non motorised trails in many areas, meaning that many trails are now available to e bikes too.

The aim of the Forest Service is to make the forest trails available to everyone so they are balancing the ecological impact with the need to make the forest available to all. So although there may be local restrictions on non motorised trails in some forest areas, the trend is to embrace technology and enable e bikes to gain access to routes areas once only available to walkers and traditional bikes.

Check out the rules on ebikes with your local forest service. The rules and regulations are changing so it is important to make sure before you travel.

The United States Bicycle Route System

The United States Bicycle Route System (USBRS) is the national cycling route network of the US.  It uses a range of trails, low traffic roads and off road paths and the aim is to span the whole country in a cycling network, similar to the EuroVelo network that encompasses Europe.

At the moment there is a network of just over 19,000 miles but the government aims to extend this to 50,000 miles over the next few years.

This means you can even ride across the whole country if you wish, such as by using the TransAmerica bike route. This trail is the most famous cross America bike route and at 4224 miles long takes you through 10 states via the beautiful rural scenery of America including three national parks. According to statistics, around 1000 people per year ride this adventurous route taking on average around 75 days to complete.

The TransAmerica bike route starts at Astoria Oregon and ends at Yorktown Virginia.

The East Coast Greenway

The East Coast Greenway is a 3000 mile long bike and pedestrian route that connects Maine with Florida. It passes through the 15 states on the eastern seaboard and takes you through stunning scenery, bypassing major cities in favor of 450 smaller towns and habitations. If you are planning to ride for more than a day, there is plenty of bike friendly accommodation along the way including bed and breakfast places and bike only camper grounds.

The East Coast Greenway is non motorised but e bikes are welcome as long as cyclists do not speed and do conform to trail etiquette. The rules vary depending on the locality and the state but with the aim of making green space available to all, states and municipalities are working on ebike regulations.

So if you are situated anywhere near the eastern seaboard, the East Coast Greenway is waiting for you. Many people have completed the whole trail and on an electric bike it could take as little as two months. Alternatively you can ride the East Coast Greenway in sections.

Electric bike trails near me

As well as the national networks, there are many fantastic local bike trails within reach of most people in the US.  Here is a short round up of a few of the best to whet your appetite.


There are many great bike trails in California but the American River Bike Trail, Sacramento to Folsom comes highly recommended. This car free bike path spans 37 miles, running from Discovery Park in Sacramento to Folsom Prison following the American River the whole way. It is easy riding too as much of the trail is along a smooth paved road.


Alabama is not known for being a major cycling state but if you like mountain biking and rugged trails, you will love the Double Oak Trail. At 22 miles long it takes you to 1, 600 feet and although the terrain can be punishing there is plenty here for beginners and advanced mountain bikers alike.


The Land between the Lakes Canal Loop, Golden Pond provides 11 miles of trail so it sounds easy but is actually rated moderate to difficult. The trail takes you through a “fast and flowy “single track with great views of Kentucky and Barkly lakes. You can extend your ride by enjoying riding along the quiet rural roads that abound the area.


The Delmarva Peninsula at Easton is considered one of the best cycling trails in the country and it has been described as a” crazy quilt of fields, small towns, coves, and sinuous tributary rivers.”  The circular trail starts in Easton and takes you through some picturesque and quaint scenery. Finally you take a ferry from Bellevue to Oxford before riding back to your start point at Easton. The trail is easy and at 50 miles is a great way to spend a day on your electric bike.


The Cowboy Trail stretches from Norfolk to Valentine and is considered the best way to take in the magnificent scenery of the area. At the time of writing it stretches 225 miles but there are plans to extend this to 321 miles. A highlight of the trail is an old 148 ft high railway bridge over the Niobrara River. As with all long trails, you don’t have to ride the whole route. Doing it in sections is perfectly acceptable and is a fantastic experience for everyone.

South Carolina

Deep Step Trail, Clark Hills is a classic bike trail that will delight e bike trail riders of all abilities. There are 37 miles of trails in the Fork Trails system which is situated between the Savannah River and the Smoky Mountain Range. Some of the route is extremely gruelling as it takes you very high but the descent is gentle and does not require too much technical ability. On an e bike you benefit from the motor on the climb without losing any of the mountain experience.


The Mississippi River Trail runs from New Orleans to St Charles Parish and is a 60 mile car free trail that runs along the banks of the Mississippi. The trail is sometimes called the Levee Top Trail as it literally is situated on top of New Orleans’s levees.

The trail is mainly flat and one of the most popular sections for e bikers is a 25 mile stretch that takes you through the zoo at Audubon Park.

In conclusion

Let a Hovsco bike start your new world of adventure. The changes to the rules on e bikes have opened up a wide choice of areas to explore that once were only available to hikers and traditional cyclists. Today there is no difference between an electric bike trail near me or any other type of cycle or walking route.

Just remember to keep to the local rules on speed and to treat other trail users with respect. So whether you want an exciting afternoon on a trail or wish to challenge yourself with a long ebike journey over days or even months, an exciting world is out there for you to explore with your Hovsco e bike.



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