What Do You Need to Know About Handlebar Packs? HOVSCO

What Do You Need to Know About Handlebar Packs?

A handlebar pack can be used to store clothing in a dry bag or to attach cylindrical items, such as a tent.

There are two main types of handlebar packs:

  • One-piece bags: These generally have built-in hardware for securing the bag to your bike. They tend to be sleek and easy to mount.
  • Two-piece harness systems: These use a harness that attaches to your handlebar. The harness secures a bag made specifically for the system or individual items, such as a tent or sleeping bag. One can use the two-piece system for holding really large items, as it is more versatile.
Whatever style you choose, make sure it fits well. Consider how much space you have between your front tire and the bottom of the pack. You may rub your tire on your bag when your suspension fork compresses if you don't have enough space and you're riding a bike with a suspension fork. If you have a bike with drop bars, you will have less side-to-side space, but there are packs designed specifically for use with drop bars.

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