What You Need to Know About Electric Bike Brakes HOVSCO

What You Need to Know About Electric Bike Brakes

Bicyclists spend a lot of time trying to make their bikes lighter and faster, but a little money on better brakes might be a better upgrade. Better brakes can make you faster as well as more responsive.

A certified technician at Hovsco, says upgrading the brakes on your road bike will fundamentally alter how you ride it. "Hill descents will be faster, corners will be quicker, and you'll feel less anxious about being near cars because you will know your bike will stop powerfully and consistently."

Replace the brake pads, the tiny squares of rubber that actually squeeze the rotors or rims to slow and stop your bike, to breathe new life into your brakes. The process is the least expensive and quickest. Disc brakes are used on the majority of bikes made in the last decade, but the pads wear out over time and must be replaced. You will be able to stop more effectively with new pads.

In the last few years, disc brake technology has improved significantly, so if your bike is more than a few years old, you might want to consider replacing the entire braking system. Thanks to in-line hydraulic reservoirs, brakes are lighter and more efficient than older versions. Hydraulic disc brakes are much more responsive and offer better modulation (changes between all-on and all-off) than mechanical disc brakes. Despite being powerful, you can operate them with just your index finger, allowing you to keep more of your hand on the grip and thus have better control of your bike.

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