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What Are The Differences Between Electric Bikes' Motor Types?

Earlier, we covered how to choose a motor for an e-bike. Today, we're going to detail the types of motors most e-bikes use.

Three different types: there are DC motors, there are brushless DC motors and there are sensorless, brushless DC motors.


DC motors are widely used. Your blender, power drill, and other household items all use them. One of their advantages is that they are widely understood. While these motors are reliable, there is a component called the brush that wears out, and eventually the motor needs to be serviced.
It is a problem with DC motors because they are not very efficient, which is important when you are relying on a battery to get you far. It doesn't matter as much with a household appliance.


Brushless DC motors use sensors, so they're more sophisticated. Basically, these sensors pick up information, sending it to a control unit (a small on-board computer) which, in turn, sends current to the motor to make it rotate. As the motor rotates, information and power are exchanged. A complex control system is needed.

Remember that wiring can be vulnerable, especially on units mounted on a front hub system.Now all of our electric bikes at Hovsco use such motors.


Lastly, there are sensorless, brushless motors. These are more advanced and less common.

They have the advantages of being lightweight, compact, and a simple motor with reliable wiring.

They have the disadvantage of being difficult to start. They tend to be very jerky from the start until the motor spins up to speed, which makes acceleration from a dead stop difficult. They are rare.

No matter what motor is used, as long as it passes the safety test, it proves that the motor can be used normally. Of course, in the process of riding, we also need to pay attention to our own safety. Please refer to the laws of each state regarding whether a driver's license is required to ride an electric bicycle.

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