Mirrors Make Riding Safer and More Comfortable HOVSCO

Mirrors Make Riding Safer and More Comfortable

Occasionally, HOVSCO will ask us why we don't have mirrors on our bikes. Now, more and more people ride electric bicycles on the road, and many people feel more and more unsafe to ride on the road. We don't install mirrors because there are so many options and everyone's needs are different. Would you prefer regular, or "objects in the mirror are closer than they appear"? High or low? Big and protruding or compact and less likely to be damaged? Glass or plastic? Glass is better optically, but plastic is more durable. In this case, I'm referring to reflective surfaces, not objects. Almost every bicycle mirror is made of high-strength plastic.

There are also mirrors mounted on helmets and glasses. These are popular because they provide a wide field of view with small movements of the head. Others dislike them because they are so hard to fit. I find them troublesome. However, I tend to focus on objects that are close to my face (mirrors) rather than the objects I want to see (cars/motorcycles/trucks/bears/tigers/anything else). That is the question.

As scary as it sounds, we all learn to deal with it, like a cute summer night mosquito. Even though insect repellent isn't perfect, we still use it!

Whenever possible, use a mirror as a supplement to looking over your shoulder. Some people find it easier to move their entire torso instead of just their head. Especially in traffic, I would never attempt to make a left turn without doing it, as in my car. Due to this, the truck has several large mirrors on each side, with a sign on the back that reads: "If you can't see my mirror, I can't see you.". The driver also had to turn back. Mirrors are mostly used for this, so they're not a replacement, but they can help.

Some asked if they had to be on the road. Certainly! You never know when someone will show up behind you. If you pass a parent with two toddlers on a bike with assist wheels, someone might be faster than you! You should ring the bell or otherwise let the person you pass by do so, but not everyone is polite and your skinny knees won't be comfortable even if the collision was caused by the other rider.

Of course, now that e-bikes are allowed in national parks, everyone should put on their mirrors and go outside for a ride!

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