What is a cargo ebike and why should you get one? HOVSCO

What is a cargo ebike and why should you get one?

Bikes designed for carrying heavy loads and often two or more people are called cargo bikes. These bikes have a variety of sizes and shapes, may have two or three wheels, and generally have a longer wheelbase than a standard bicycle, giving them the capacity to haul cargo either in front or in the back. Electric cargo bikes have pedal assists that make carrying heavy loads and climbing hills easier. Cargo bikes can be customized to fit your specific needs, including child bike seats, panniers, boxes, rain covers, footrests or racks to hold surfboards and paddle boards.

What are the advantages of a cargo ebike?

Cargo bikes let you do all the things you would do on a bicycle, but they are sturdier, so you can haul more stuff without feeling unbalanced. The biggest bikes can carry up to a few hundred pounds of cargo. You can carry an older child and a smaller one at the same time depending on the bike's carrying capacity.) Families use them to transport kids (and all their stuff) to school, parks and other places in the neighborhood. The bikes are an easy, environmentally friendly way to zip around town without having to find parking.

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