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Tips On How To Find An Electric Bike Near You

Purchasing a vehicle is always a challenge. You need to consider a range of factors before making the final choice. However, the process can become excessively complicated if the vehicle you wish to purchase is rather new in the market. The same aspect applies to electric bikes. Given that the electric bike industry has grown recently, people often find it hard to get the right guidance on how to find the perfect electric bike near you. From this aspect, we determined that providing a guide on selecting the best electric bike may come in handy.


Electric Bike Classes

Currently, three different classes of electric bikes are approved in the US market. The first class, Class 1, is where the electric system offers a pedal assist only. Here, after hitting 20 mph, the electric motor shuts down. The pedal assist's main aspect is ensuring that you get the right support and that your input can be amplified. Usually, you can use these bikes on all types of paths and trials.

Class 2 is where Class1 combines with the throttle. After reaching 20 mph, you can keep pedaling, but he will stop. However, the throttle will help you get a quick start if you have started from a complete stop. This way, getting to a higher speed becomes possible with little effort compared to Class 1.

Finally, Class 3 is based on different rules in different areas. The main aspect here is that pedal-assist continues up to 28 mph. A speedometer is mandatory here, and you can enjoy a much higher top speed before the pedal assist stops. However, trials where motorized vehicles are banned, may not be allowed this vehicle as well.

Pedal Assist Differences

After considering the differences in the classes, it is important to understand the different pedal assists offered. Usually, a cadence-based sensor is the beginning point, where a set level of assist is added. Lightly turning the pedals will determine the total assist you receive. However, the system may not feel natural to most bikers. Here, your speed may be quite high compared to the effort you place in biking.

On the other hand, a torque-based assist system will become more natural as it adds power based on how hard you are pedaling. Naturally, this method makes the driver think that he is putting in most of the effort. The bike seems more naturally adjusted to the way biking occurs in this case. Select the system that is most suited to your requirements.

Motor Location

The location of the motor does not impact the way a bike operates to a great extent. However, it does make it feel different how the bike works. Usually, the motors are placed low and central to the bike’s frame. These mod-drive motors usually ensure the ride is balanced and comfortable because they work based on the center of gravity principle. However, this system is harder to implement and makes the ride costlier.

Another common method is to install the front hub motors. Here, the motor is placed between the hub of the front wheels. The installation is easier, and the system is much more durable. The navigation system works well with such installation as well. The extra weight of the motor is dealt with by the front body of the motor and makes it easier to cruise around.

Finally, the rear-drive motors are placed in the bike's rear hub. Such motors have higher power than the front hub versions, and the ride feels more natural. Additional weight on the bike’s frame can offer a better cardio experience.

Anti-Theft Systems

Getting an electric bike could be a significant investment for many people. Therefore, checking out the anti-theft systems offered by the bike before purchase is extremely important. A key anti-theft system is that the bike offers locks to ensure that it can’t be used without the owner on it. Similarly, tracking devices may be built-in, ensuring that the bike can be spotted in case someone steals it. Finally, you can get the benefit of secondary and additional tracking options that can be installed on your bike before purchase. These offers can vary from company to company. Discuss the requirements with the vendor and ask them about the most suitable solution they can offer in each case.


Electric bikes come with different frames, meaning their weights can vary significantly. The weight can play an important part in your selection. First, it determines the maximum output the motor can produce through the electric system. Secondly, having an electric bike means the weight impacts the battery performance. If the weight is exceptional, the battery won’t last long, reducing the mileage per recharge of the bike considerably. When getting an electric bike for daily usage, it is important to consider the weight because a heavier bike will cause a lot of fatigue. Similarly, the ride experience may deteriorate as well.

On the other hand, people considering getting an electric bike to burn more fat can consider the options with higher weight. In such cases, the bike's weight won’t be a limiting factor. At the same time, you also need to consider where you may keep the bike. Bikes may not be foldable, which could also be a huge issue in storing the bike.


Getting an electric bike could be a serious choice, and you may need to make cautious decisions about everything before the bike is purchased. Contact us today and let our team know about your requirements. We are here to get you the best e-bike.

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