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Tips and Tricks to Maintain and Care for Your E-bike

So you've bought yourself your first e-bike? Or: you might be planning to buy one? Whatever the case - we've got you covered. Since proper e-bike maintenance is, by all means, crucial, we've decided to say a few things about it. In the text you're about to read, we'll show you some essential tips and tricks to maintain and care for your e-bike. So that you're prepared for everything coming your way from day 1.


1. Keep it lubricated

The first thing we'd like to mention here is lubrication. In other words, all the major moving parts (the chain, for instance) must be lubricated to work correctly. Of course, you can't use any type of lubricant for this. There are solutions specially designed to help you in the process, also known as bike lubricants. Before applying the solutions mentioned earlier, one must clean their bike first. You can do this by utilizing a cleaner meant to be used on an e-bike. How often should you apply the e-bike lubricant? Well, it depends on how often you ride. If you ride your vehicle to work every day, lube up the major moving parts at least once a week.

2. Consider the battery

No need to emphasize that your trusty vehicle's most crucial electrical element is the battery. Before charging it, just ensure you've read the user manual thoroughly. You'll have to follow these instructions to properly charge your new e-bike. If for some reason, you try to charge it on your terms without reading the manual, there's a good chance you'll potentially do some damage to the battery. To phrase it precisely, it will probably wear out quicker than it should, and battery replacement isn't something you'd call a cheap investment. Therefore, one should care for their e-bike battery to last the longest possible period.

3. Turn the power off once you're not using your e-bike

Here's an e-bike rule: don't keep the bike running when it's not in use. For instance, if you're waiting for the light to turn green or anything similar, turn the power off. Give your bike some time to rest. That will help you preserve power. You'll have more of it left once you hit the road.

4. What about tire pressure?

Good question! We've got something to say about tire pressure. Here's the thing: one mightn't feel a change in tire pressure while on the road since e-bikes are usually lightweight. However, you should remember that low tire pressure can mess up your e-bike's performance. Also, your engine might experience some casualties, too (in the long run). Therefore, you should avoid riding an e-bike with low-pressure tires if possible. So, how does one check if their bike's tires have low pressure? You'll be happy to hear that many devices on the market are made to help you with this. They're not that costly, too.

5. Don't forget to clean the brakes

Did you know that squeaking brakes are one of the most popular issues e-bike owners have to deal with? Now that you do, you should know that it happens due to folks forgetting to clean or replace the pads. The irritating, loud noise you might hear could indicate that your brakes don't enjoy a good grip on your e-bike's wheels. This issue is caused mainly by old pads or some dirt or debris on the pads. Also, remember that brakes utilize friction to help you stop or slow down the vehicle. Therefore, you can expect them to wear out after some time, especially if you didn't properly maintain them. Keep your brakes clean to enjoy a safer ride, and maintain and care for your e-bike.

6. Treat it as the delicate vehicle it is

Let's say, for instance, you're on your way to relocating an e-bike to your rented storage area for this or that reason. You should practice care when moving it by all means. However, your best bet might be to leave the hassle to professionals. Moving sports equipment always comes with various challenges. 

7. Don't let the battery drain fully

That's right. You'll want to avoid letting the battery drain fully. Now, even though you might assume batteries have evolved thanks to technological advancements (which is true), it's still a good thing to steer clear of letting them fully drain. Usually, you should keep your battery topped off during everyday usage. Once you're thinking about storing it for a more extended time, ensure it's around 60% capacity. That way, you'll do everything in your power (no pun intended) to keep your battery healthy as long as possible. You'll also enjoy never hitting the road without a charged battery. 

8. Cleaning your e-bike? Avoid using too much water

Another way to maintain and care for your e-bike is to avoid excessive water usage once you clean the vehicle. You might've heard stories about folks dipping their e-bike into a river or canal to help them deal with the mud and dirt they've run into during the ride. If you get the idea to do the same, keep in mind that you mustn't fully submerge your vehicle. Of course, you might ask: wait, aren't the battery and the motor sealed? The answer is: yes, but water can still pour through the seals. Also, because of this: never use pressure water to clean your trusty vehicle. 

Okay, so if you can't use water, what's the best way to clean your e-bike? Here's a solution we'd like to suggest simply use a dry cloth and waterless cleaner that can do away with the dirt.

Final words on the subject

Okay, folks, so that's about it on the subject of how to maintain and care for your e-bike. Following the tips we've shared above will ensure that your vehicles enjoy the lengthiest possible life. Caring for your e-bike is a necessity. Avoiding it might only lead to bad things. Not to mention you're putting your safety at significant risk by riding an unmaintained vehicle. Therefore, you know what you need to do!  

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