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Sit or Stand? A Comprehensive Guide on Electric Scooters with Seat


Are electric scooters for standing? That seems like a dumb question at first sight. Yes, traditional escooters are meant for standing. But the market is expanding rapidly with a new option of escooters with a seat.

This kind of seated escooter looks like a traditional escooter, but with an extra seat located on the deck of the escooter. It provides another way to transport on an escooter, and offers an unusual and comfortable riding experience that is different than traditional escooters.

So you may be wondering, what are these escooters with a seat for? Should I or shouldn’t I get one of those? In this article, we’ll dive into the pros and cons of the escooter with a seat, helping to better understand its unique features and make a decision.

What is an escooter with a seat?

Despite the apparent difference, a seated escooter is everything like a traditional escooter. They have the same components, such as handlebars, a stem, a deck, a battery, a motor and brakes. However, with the seat attachment, it is no longer necessary to stand on the escooter. And the outlook of an escooter with a seat would somehow look like a moped.

Port Max is an electric scooter with a seat from Hovsco, with the rear rack it has cargo hauling ability

Pros of Escooters with a seat

1. Safety

When you are sitting on an escooter, you have a lower center of gravity, which makes you more stable on it. It’s like comparing squatting with standing, It’s harder to be pushed down when squatting. With stability, the risk of falling from the escooter is significantly reduced, avoiding the possibility of accidents. People who lack a sense of balance or have little experience with two-wheeled vehicles could benefit from this.

2. Comfort

It’s obvious that sitting is more comfortable than standing. For people who prefer just sitting around and feeling the joy of riding, an electric scooter with a seat offers that privilege. This is especially noticeable in longer trips or on bumpy terrains. Standing for one hour or more is no joking!

3. Adaptability

Electric scooter with a seat is less demanding on the human body. When sitting down, riders experience less shock than standing. This is crucial for riders who suffer from body pain, such as the elderly or the heavier. Their back, legs and ankles suffer less pain.

4. Storage

One main benefit of a seated escooter is its storage capability. Most electric scooters with a seat are equipped with a rear rack, which can be used to haul stuff. This convenient addition allows riders to transport goods or personal items effortlessly. Grocery shoppers and delivery workers could benefit from this feature. Also, when sitting down, it is more likely to carry more stuff on the body compared to when standing.

Cons of Electric Scooter with a Seat

1. Limited View

The lower seating position can restrict the rider's view, impacting visibility compared to standing scooters. This might pose challenges to sightseeing or navigating bustling areas. If you are a person who prefers to have as high a view of the world around you as possible, a standing escooter helps avoid unpleasant situations.

2. Reduced Agility

With the extra seat, this type of escooter tends to be heavier, compromising their portability. And it is not as easy to hop on and off it as on a traditional escooter. Many would enjoy the simple feeling of easily hopping on and going for a ride. Last but not least, it would be harder to put this kind of escooter aside than a traditional escooter because of its larger size.

Xander Max is a folding electric scooter from Hovsco, budget-friendly

Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Seated Electric Scooter

After learning the pros and cons of an escooter with a seat, you may be wondering if it is for you. Before committing to one, you should take these several crucial factors into consideration:

1. Intended Use

Think about how you’ll mainly use the escooter for. Will you be mostly going for short distances, or long-range commutes? Will you be mostly riding on flat paved roads, or on bumpy terrains? If both of your answers are the latter, then an electric scooter with a seat is the right choice for you.

2. Physical Preferences

As discussed before, electric scooters with a seat are less demanding on human bodies. So if you are a rider with certain body conditions such as back pain or arthritis, or with more age or weight, a seated escooter is a better choice.

3. Cargo Needs

Determine whether a rear cargo rack for transporting items is essential for you, as not having one might necessitate carrying belongings differently. You’ll have to carry your luggage on your body without one.


Electric scooters with a seat are designed to meet a variety of needs, and provide a safe and carefree riding experience. Potential purchasers should weigh the advantages and disadvantages of them as mentioned earlier according to their own demands.

Best Budget Seated Escooter

Porto Max is an electric scooter with a seat attachment. It features a strong motor with 500W of peak power, granting it a stunning 19 mph top speed and 15° gradeability. The 374.4Wh battery, which is safety-guaranteed with a UL-2272 certification, offers a maximum range of 35 miles. The stem can be folded down for portability, and the 12-inch tires suffer from fewer bumps on the road. With a cargo rack in the back, it supports a maximum payload of 220 lbs.

Port Max is an electric scooter with a seat from Hovsco, with the rear rack it has cargo hauling ability

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