National Parks Now Allow Ebikes! HOVSCO

National Parks Now Allow Ebikes!

The United States has 61 national parks. Including historic and military parks, seashores, and recreation sites, their landmass totals 85 million acres. Each year, 330 million people visit these protected areas.

From Aug. 29, 2019 even more people can explore these hallowed grounds on an ebike!

According to the new policy, it aims to increase recreational opportunities "for all Americans, especially those with physical limitations, and promote recreation on federal lands and waters."

Furthermore, Bernhardt said the decision "simplifies and unifies regulation" of ebikes. In fact, the uncertainty about the regulatory status of ebikes and their classifications has led to restrictive policies that are often inconsistent with state and local regulations (see our previous story here for more detail.)

All three types of ebikes (1, 2, and 3 - the latter of which can reach 28 mph) are now allowed access to these lands. However, riders can only use pedal assistance without a throttle, except where motor vehicles are permitted.

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