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What is the Best Ebike for Your Dad?

Your diaper was changed by him. You were bathed by him. He made great mac 'n cheese. Perhaps he taught you how to ollie. Perhaps he taught you how to sing like Aretha. Maybe he stayed home with you when you were a child, or perhaps he worked long hours away.

No two dads are alike. I don't care what your maybes were growing up, this Sunday, June 16, is Father's Day, and it may be a good time to express some feelings for good ol' dad.

But what should we do? As a beard trimmer feels passé, and a gym membership borders on offensive, what new toy will make dad giggle like he's six on Christmas morning, get him outside, and get him moving? Dad will love an ebike whether he's 40, 60, or 80.

Do you want to give Dad an electric bike? no problem. But which one? What a dilemma.

Let us help! About Electric Bike Reviews - the most trusted report in the industry - we have the highest rated electric bikes in five categories, as well as hundreds of 5-star reviews on Google. Our electric bikes are a breeze. What do you suggest?

Is Dad more of a dirt bike or a road bike? Do you know if he's 6'6" or slightly shorter? Does he have mobility restrictions and need a lower standing height? So many questions!

We have many answers. Let us help you choose the best bike for your dad. Click here for more information!

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