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Must-Have Accessories for Your Electric Bike

There is no need to emphasize that electric bicycles are a fantastic addition to any person's home inventory (in the broadest sense). However, e-bikes are kind of incomplete without the so-called must-have accessories. In order for your electric bike to give its best performance, you will need some extra tools and gadgets. Luckily, you will not have to bang your head against the wall wondering what kind of additional devices you will need. This article will introduce you to a list of must-have accessories for your electric bike. Stay tuned for some valuable info!


A solid helmet

A solid helmet is something you would call a life-saving accessory every bicycle enthusiast should possess. Riding without one is a big NO-NO for anyone, regardless of skill or experience. It is just too dangerous, and you do not want to regret not wearing one. A top-quality helmet will save you from various brain injuries in case of an unfortunate scenario coming your way. Not to mention that helmets are a necessity according to traffic laws around the globe.

Here is our suggestion: wear a helmet with reflective material if you are quite used to driving at night. These helmets produce a glare once they have come into contact with a light source. Therefore, they will help others on the road see you from a solid distance. Many accidents can be avoided in this manner. Lastly, don't think you are wasting your money on a top-notch helmet. The price you will pay is nothing compared to the security and coziness that your trusty helmet will provide you with.

Portable air pump

Since this one is rather obvious, we will be quick here. A portable air pump is a must-have item that should be found inside your regular cycler's backpack. Also, it is not like you strictly have to use it to pump your e-bike's tires. There are other items, such as rubber balls, pool toys, and even - car tires, that you can pump using this device. That makes it ideal for any type of outing you have got planned. Lastly, you don't want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere with a flat tire, right?

A rear rack tail light

Driving late at night isn’t really the most risk-free scenario out there. Especially since shorter winter days are in front of us. A rear rack tail light that we’ve got in our offer at HOVSCO is just the thing you need to avoid all the potential issues associated with driving without others knowing you’re there on the road. Wintertime brings shorter days but also treats us with the upcoming holidays. Therefore, there’s something to look forward to. In the first half of December, if you buy a HOVSCO e-bike, you get two accessories absolutely free of charge. Once the other half starts right until a couple of days before Christmas, you’ll also have a chance to buy an e-bike and earn a free accessory plus a $100 gift card from Amazon. Now, isn’t that something?

A loud horn to warn other folks on the road

Imagine riding your e-bike to work each day using the forever-busy routes. That is a clear example of risky behavior, but we will guess that you do not have much choice. Therefore, you should do some good thinking on the subject of your safety. That is because you can encounter many vehicle types on the road, and you always need to be aware of your surroundings. Needless to say, some heavier vehicles possess their so-called blind spots, which means that their drivers sometimes can't see the person in that place. That being said, you must use your horn to make the drivers know that you are there, and it must not be a weak sound you'll use as an alert. A top-quality loud horn will cost you about $20 to $30, but, as we have mentioned earlier, pricing becomes non-important once safety is an issue.

How about a neat bottle cage?

We get it, it sounds almost too obvious, but a bottle cage can really make a significant difference once you are out there, especially if you are cycling off-road. Also, keep in mind that some cyclers keep their hydration boosters inside a water bottle placed in the bottle cage since it is much easier to clean it up than a traditional hydration pack.

An extra battery

Imagine you are stuck deep in the woods. Do we really have to say you will not have much luck finding an electrical source nearby? We would suggest you opt for an extra battery pack. It would get you out of those woods in no time. Also, here is another suggestion from the folks at Consumer Opinion: invest in a lightweight battery pack. A couple of extra pounds in your trusty backpack will provide you with tens of extra miles.

A comfy saddle

Some cyclists note that there isn't a more important addition to your e-bike than a comfortable saddle. Rare are those who can enjoy rides if their saddle is not comfy. Not only is it unpleasant, but it might also lead to various health issues. For instance, you can easily do some damage to your backbone by sporting an inappropriate saddle. There is a good number of saddle types, and you will have to do some thorough investigating before you opt for the one that suits you the most. All in all: a comfy saddle is one of those accessories that will make your rides better

A pair of safety glasses

Safety glasses are definitely a must-have accessory for every cycling enthusiast out there. They will keep your eyes safe from dust, debris, and harmful rays. This is especially important if you are riding your e-bike on a daily basis. Now, of course, safety glasses can come in the form of your ordinary, regular glasses. However, you will want to opt for the so-called original safety glasses made for that purpose. They have extra features such as curved edges to keep you extra safe, protecting the sides of your eyes.

A rearview mirror

Last but not least, on our list of must-have accessories for your electric bike, let's talk about a rearview mirror. Without a rearview mirror, you can't consider your bike to be a road-legal vehicle. Therefore, you absolutely must possess this e-bike accessory. It is all about your safety. A rearview mirror will allow you to see who is behind you and how or where they are going. That way, you will able to make smarter road decisions. 

Final words

These were the must-have accessories for your electric bike. As you could've read, all of these are there to make your e-bike experience better. Also, most of them will benefit you greatly in terms of safety. Ignoring some of the items we've mentioned upstairs puts you at risk of danger or sheer unpleasantness while riding your e-bike.

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