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How to store your ebike during winter? 6 top storage tips

It’s already November. As winter is approaching, many riders have been starting to ask what is the best way to store their ebikes for this long period when riding outdoors is nearly impossible. In fact, ebikes can handle very extreme weather and temperatures, such as freezing temperatures. However, in order to ensure it remains in good condition and ready for use when the warmer months return, it is important to take some steps to properly store the ebikes.

Ebikes are a significant investment, and taking care of them during the winter months can not only prevent them from being damaged by the extreme weather, but also extend their lifespan and keep them performing at their best.

If you are reading this article, you probably are prepared to store your ebike for a long time, maybe months until winter is over. Here are some essential recommendations for storing your ebike during winter:

Clean and Inspect the Ebike Before Storage

Before storing your ebike for the winter, it's essential to give it a thorough cleaning. Salt, dirt, and grime from previous rides can corrode components and damage the frame in a long-term storage process. All Hovsco ebikes have an IPX4 waterproof level, so it is safe to use a slightly wet cloth to clean it.
Before storage, clean up your ebike and pay close attention to the chain, gears, and other critical components. After that, inspect your ebike for any visible signs of wear and tear. If you notice any issues, consider taking your ebike to a professional local bike store and addressing them before storage to avoid any further damage during the winter months.

Keep the Ebike in a Cool and Dry Indoor Place

It a common sense that electronics and moisture do not do well together. Moisture fluctuations can be detrimental to the electric parts of your ebike.
Therefore, it's best to store your ebike in a cool and dry indoor place, like in a garage or a shed. This will protect it from harsh weather conditions and prevent moisture from accumulating, which can lead to rust and other problems.

Store Between 32-86 ℉ (Ideally 50-77 ℉)

Keeping the right storage temperature is extremely crucial for your ebike’s health. The ideal temperature range for ebike storage is between 50 and 77 degrees Fahrenheit (10-25 degrees Celsius). This recommendation applies to both the ebike body and the battery.
Although both the ebike body(the electrical components) and the battery can handle more extreme temperatures, such as freezing temperatures, but we’d still suggest avoiding exposing them to extreme cold or heat, as it can harm their performance and longevity in such an environment for a long period. If your storage area is subject to temperature extremes, consider taking it indoors where there is a heater or fan.

Disconnect Battery from Ebike and Charger

One of the recommended steps in ebike storage is disconnecting the battery from the ebike and its charger. Nowadays, most ebike brands use lithium-ion batteries. By removing the battery, you can prevent it from discharging or overcharging during extended periods of inactivity.

Keep Battery Around 80% Level

This recommendation is for the purpose of prolonging the longevity of the battery. Before storing the battery, it’s best to ensure it is charged or used up to approximately 80% capacity.
How can you make sure of that? We recommend checking the odometer for the battery level. As there are five bars on the battery icon, four bars would mean 80% of the battery level. If your ebike’s battery is lower than that before storage, charge it up to four bars on the display. If your ebike is fully charged, then find a day before storage that is warm and nice, and take the ebike out for a ride to use the battery up to 80%. The fastest way would be to use the throttle only.
A full charge can stress the battery during prolonged storage, while a completely depleted battery may suffer permanent damage. Maintaining it at around 80% capacity strikes the right balance, preserving the battery's health and longevity.

Regularly Check and Recharge the Battery to 80%

During the winter months, it would be a nice gesture to periodically check and recharge your ebike's battery to maintain it at around 80% capacity. This prevents the battery from dropping below a safe voltage level, which can lead to irreversible damage. A two-week or monthly check and recharge will help ensure that your battery remains a healthy battery life, and is ready for more rides in the future for years and years.

Following these recommendations can ensure that your ebike remains in top condition during the winter month, and be well-prepared for more rides ahead. We hope that you can take proper steps to safely store your ebike during the cold hard winter!


  • Hovsco Ebikes

    Hi Steve, it’s 4 bars (out of the 5 total bars) on the display.
    On the battery, there are only 4 bars in total, so each bar indicates 25%.
    But it’s acceptable to keep the battery level between 60% – 80%.

  • Steve Kirian

    Is that 4 bars on the bike display or 4 bars on the actual battery? There is a difference

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