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Here’s Why You Need an Electric Bike

Let's be honest: We're really, really passionate about electric bikes.

Some skeptics believe that they do not need one, but we understand that. They might be hardcore cyclists who are wary of change, or they might be people who used to ride a lot as kids, but lost interest as time went on.

For those who are still on the fence about ebikes, we designed the electric metro bike with you in mind. This bike is affordable, easy to use, and handles more like a traditional bike than anything else in our lineup.

These are just a few reasons we think this latest creation will convince you it's worth going electric:

1. It helps you commit to the bike life.

Have you decided to spend more time riding your bike and less time driving your car?

It's likely that you started off gung-ho, but after a few weeks you may have lost interest. It's not a good look to show up to a meeting drenched in sweat or to ride home after a particularly challenging day - especially if that meant climbing hills.

Here's where going electric makes a huge difference.

You'll be able to ride your electric bike to work without breaking a sweat. Furthermore, the evidence shows that you're more likely to ride it every day than your average acoustic bike.

The National Institute for Transportation and Communities found that those who switched from acoustic to electric bikes were over three times more likely to ride each day than those who stayed with their standard bikes. 93.5 percent of adults who did not ride bikes at all as adults rode their ebike weekly or daily.

The study's subjects noted that this is partly because electric bikes gave them the capability to conquer hills, cover longer distances, and accomplish more practical tasks than your average bike - all factors that will make you committed to the bike life!

2. Ebikes make it easier to stay healthy.

According to new research, riding an electric bike provides the same type of workout as riding a regular bike.

How is this possible? You can't really be exercising if you're not sweating through your clothes or huffing and puffing your way down the trail.

Yes, you can!

Researchers at Brigham Young University recently had 33 amateur cyclists ride a 6-mile loop on both pedal assist ebikes and conventional bikes.

Ebike riders had an average heart rate of 145 beats per minute, just 10 beats less than conventional cyclists and well within what health professionals describe as a "vigorous intensity zone."

According to a separate study published in the journal Transportation Research Interdisciplinary Perspectives, people who ride electric bikes make longer trips than those who ride acoustic bikes, thus getting about 9.2 percent more minutes of physical activity every week.

3. Ebikes help you go anywhere, anytime. No spandex necessary.

It can be intimidating to get into cycling, especially when you see all of those spandex-clad riders blasting down the trail on their super expensive, souped up bikes.

As a newcomer, you may be wondering how you can possibly compete, especially if all you have is a helmet and a pair of pants.

When you go electric, you don't have to compete. You can simply be yourself.

A motor will help you get up to speed so you won't have to spend hours shopping for clothes that will make you aerodynamic. In addition to a helmet and a good bike lock, you won't need to spend much more than $999 to get started. In addition, if you have questions along the way, you can always contact our product support team for clear, judgment-free advice.

Our electric bikes are designed to be accessible. Our mission is to ensure everyone can experience the joy of riding a bike, regardless of their skill level.

4. Electric bikes may help save the world.

Small steps can be taken to make life on this beautiful, big planet a little greener for everyone. It can even be as simple as riding a bike.

We've noticed that when someone makes the switch to electric, they naturally drive less. Maybe it's because a ride in the fresh air and sunshine is a lot more enjoyable than sitting in a crowded car. Perhaps it is because ebikes make parking easier or avoiding traffic a lot easier.

It's a win for the environment either way.

The average car emits 404 grams of CO2 per mile driven, a greenhouse gas that builds up in the atmosphere and wreaks havoc on the climate.

A passenger vehicle produces about 4.6 metric tons of CO2 per year, so every mile you spend on a bike helps reduce your carbon footprint.

According to a study by the Transportation Research and Education Center, those emissions can fall by about 11 percent in an average city if people use ebikes 15 percent of the time.

5. When you go electric, you have more fun!

When you go electric, you open yourself up to a lot more fun.

That's not just because electric bikes help you go farther and faster, but because they're the ultimate tools for living life to the fullest.

It is evident in some of the creative uses that riders have found for our bikes, from acrobats to a Texas-based "biker" gang, retired truck drivers to NFL pros, filmmakers to pilots.

Once you have it, what will you do with it?

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