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Essential Recovery Tips for Older E-bike Riders in 2022

Are you someone who is getting into their old age, but your love of biking is still growing?

If yes is the answer then this is the right blog for you! Make sure that you read through as there is a lot of valuable knowledge available for you!

The most difficult thing about biking in old age is recovery. It is the moment that makes you realize that your body has changed over the years and you cannot just go on long rides and recover with a night of sleep.

With old age, your body’s recovery rate changes drastically! The hormones are not as active as they used to be when you were young. But, this should not stop you from enjoying your rides because if you know the right way of recovery, then you can enjoy your rides even at the age of 60-the 70s.

To help you with this, we are here for the best tips that you can follow to fasten your recovery during old age.

Essential recovery tips for older e-bike riders.

  1. Keep the intensity under check:During your riders, you should change the intensity, you can go high intensity at the start. However, In the middle of the ride, you can slow down your intensity to relax your muscles. This will make sure that your muscles do not overwork themselves.
  2. Sleep:As every doctor would have told you that sleep is crucial for recovery! The problem with the majority of the people is that they are on a hectic schedule already and they combine cycling routines as well. This leads to sleep deprivation. Our body produces human growth hormones while sleeping. It is necessary for muscle recovery, and it is also the time our minds recover from the stresses of life. One tip here would be to switch off your gadgets and try to get to sleep as early as possible. Relax and you will drift into sleep.
  3. Right Nutrition: During riding, we deplete all our muscle glycogen, as we need to replenish the same with a nutritious healthy diet. Also, our body is in the best state to consume any nutrient after a cycling session. Therefore, you should consume food as soon as possible. The food should be rich in carbohydrates to fill up your muscle glycogen stores. You can keep the food of your choice such as a protein bar, energy bar or sandwich. You can eat this as a snack between your next regular meal.
  4. Hydration: You should develop a habit of drinking water regularly. Not only that, you should drink water to satisfy your thirst. However, you should drink water as per your body weight, you can take an estimate of 1 liter of water per kg of body weight. You can also use fruit juices for more calories and potassium. Fruit juices will provide you with carbohydrates and sodium. You can choose any smoothie, but remember that the goal is to stay hydrated. However, do not choose any drink. For example, beer has empty calories, the drink must have quality nutrients to fuel your ride.
  5. Electrolytes: When you sweat you lose a lot of sodium and potassium from your body. However, the concentration of sodium/potassium in your sweat will depend on your diet, genes, gender, heat accumulation, etc. In general, you will lose about 1,200-4.800 grams of sodium which might be equal to about 2-6% of your sodium stores. Also, you will lose about 300-1200 grams of potassium, which might be around 0.001-0.007% of your potassium stores. When you sweat you will lose electrolytes. You need to replenish the same! All processed food contains high amounts of sodium. You should keep the limit of about 1500 mg/day for seniors, you should keep this in mind. One more tip would be to use a calorie counter to track your calorie and sodium intake.
  6. Do something for active recovery: After your rides, you should keep yourself active! Your lymph system will flush away all the toxins from your boy, therefore staying active will help you to recover better!
  7. Massage: Massage therapy is an incredible way to accelerate the recovery process. It will help you to get through the soreness and muscle stiffness after the hard ride sessions. You can consider getting a massage every week if you are riding every week. Even though professional massage would be the ideal option to go for, you can also do stretching to maintain your muscles in their prime condition.
essential recovery tips for older e-bike riders in 2022

Don’t Let Old Age Stop You, Ride your way through!

The worst thing that someone can do to themselves is that they take their old age as an excuse to stop riding. But, you should not be the right mindset that you should take as a riding enthusiast.

Going on regular rides will also contribute to better mental health. Also, keep your workouts regular, you have to create a routine to ensure that you stay active throughout the day! Keep in mind that your recovery would be faster if your muscles are strong and exercising regularly will help you to achieve the same!

We hope that all the above-mentioned tips will help you to achieve a better recovery after your rides. Make sure that you keep these tips in mind and enjoy your rides like you used to enjoy during your younger years.

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