Electrify the holidays: best ebike and escooter gifts for the holiday season

Electrify the holidays: best ebike and escooter gifts for the holiday season

As the holiday season is approaching fast, the hunt for that special holiday gift is on everyone’s mind. If you haven’t found it yet, some last-minute holiday shopping should be at the top of your list.

Electric transportation is taking up the new trend, so while an electric car is normally out of a gift’s budget, many are looking for an ebike or an electric scooter to be the potential holiday gift. They are valued and cool while having a friendly budget.

In this guide, we’ll explore three superb ebike and escooter options that would be the perfect present for your loved ones this festive season.

Most affordable choice, cool kid’s love - Xander Max 10” electric folding escooter

Xander Max electric scooter is perfect for short-range commutes

Strong power

Xander Max electric escooter is equipped with a 500-watt peak motor sustaining 350 watts. It is quite powerful for a little compact scooter. With this kind of power, it has an excellent gradeability of easily conquering inclines up to 15 degrees and reaches a top speed of 19 mph. This robust power ensures a smooth and efficient ride, even on challenging terrains or hilly landscapes.

Reliable battery

The scooter’s battery is UL2272 certified, ensuring safety and durability. Products that receive the UL2272 certification are in compliance with safety measures to minimize the risk of fire hazards or electrical malfunctions. With a capacity of 374.4Wh, it offers a maximum range of 30 miles on a single charge. This reliable battery performance is more than satisfying for shorter trips, such as in a college campus or around town.

Smart design

One of the outstanding features of the Xander Max scooter is its folding ability. It enhances its portability, making it convenient to carry or store when not in use. And the 2.5-inch wide tires provide great stability on various surfaces or even at bumps. It also comes with an integrated brake light that will flash when you hit the brake. And the intelligent speed mode and high-definition LCD display also add to its benefits.

Xander Max electric scooter can be folded, saving storage space

Cool gift

Compared to ebikes, escooters are more preferable than ebikes to the young audience. Xander Max has a clean look that is favored, and makes riders look hop on the street with passers-by’s heads turning. If you are looking for an affordable gift for your kids, friends’ kids or young cousins, an electric scooter is the way to go. It adds thrill and happiness to their daily commute!


Xander Max electric scooter is on sale with an introductory price in December. With a $250 discount, it is only $399.99 for the holidays. Don’t hesitate!

Budget-friendly choice suitable for all ages - HovCity 27x2” cruiser ebike

HovCity ebike has a clean and chic look with the shiny metallic paint.

Best budget

HovCity cruiser ebike is the most affordable in Hovsco’s ebike collection, but it does not compromise on quality. HovCity is equipped with a 740W peak motor sustaining 500W, which is powerful enough to reach the legal 28 mph top speed, and to haul a children’s seat together with a trailer. Don’t take it from us, look at our rider Kiersten in the picture! And it can provide a 60-mile maximum range thanks to the 540Wh battery with Samsung/LG cells.

HovCity ebike is powerful enough to haul a children's seat and a trailer at the same time

Sleek design

People say don’t judge a book by its cover, but the cover is indeed the first thing that people see. HovCity has a look that is attractive to everybody. It has a streamlined frame, making it sleek and chic. And it has a low top tube, so it appeals to the audience who are more into step-over kind of bikes, but still making the ebike easy to ride. And the biggest feature that the writer loves about the HovCity ebike is its metallic paint. It shines brightly under the sun and is sure to catch eyes on the street. There are three vibrant color options to choose from, ocean green, champagne and space gray. These lighter colors with the metallic paint add a young vibe to the look.

Decent gift

The HovCity ebike is an excellent gift that is budget-friendly and suitable for all ages. It is very lightweight so it is easy to handle and maneuver, which is great for ebike beginners or people with less body strength.


HovCity cruiser ebike is only $899 with a $600 discount. And save more for two! Only $1498 for two HovCity ebike bundle. That means only $749 for each! All HovCity ebikes come with a fender set included.

Winter-friendly, outdoor enthusiast’s dream gift - HovAlpha 26x4” fat tire ebike

HovAlpha fat tire ebike is suitable for all terrains, including sand, grass and snow

Unparalleled power

HovAlpha fat tire ebike features a bombing 1032W peak/750W sustained motor, which is the strongest motor power under US regulations. Any ebike with a motor more powerful than that would be considered a motorcycle and can only be used in private areas. With such power, HovAlpha has a strong strong gradeability and can also reach 28 mph top speed. Get all the excitement without compromising on legality!

Long range battery

HovAlpha is equipped with a 960Wh battery also from Samsung/LG. Thanks to the capacity which is 177% of HovCity’s battery, it supports 80 miles maximum range. This reliable battery performance eliminates range anxiety, allowing for longer rides without the worry of running out of power midway, so HovAlpha is the perfect companion for long-haul travelers.

Advanced technology

The crucial thing you cannot miss about HovAlpha is its torque sensor. It uses advanced and smart technology to calculate how much power the motor should provide. Most of the ebikes in the market use a cadence sensor instead of a torque sensor, which is less advanced and cheaper. Torque sensor offers a more natural and intuitive riding experience like riding a normal acoustic bike. If you are gifting someone who appreciates exercising a bit even on an ebike, then torque sensor is the way to go.

Fat tires

The thing that sets HovAlpha apart from our other ebikes is its fat tires. They are 4-inch wide instead of the commonly used 2-inch tires. The biggest benefit of fat tires is they provide more grip and traction. They can float and be more stable on soft surfaces, so they are suitable for all terrain, including sand, gravel, snow, ice and dirt. So fat tire ebikes are friendly to snowy and icy winters.

Ultimate gift

HovAlpha is the ultimate gift, especially for hardcore outdoor enthusiasts or exercise lovers. If you give it to someone as a gift during the holidays, they can ride it right away even if it’s snowing out there thanks to the fat tires. They can enjoy some winter views which no others can. HovAlpha has a step-over version and a step-through one with no top tube, accommodating different rider heights and fashion choices.


HovAlpha fat tire ebike comes with an impressive gift box. You’ll get a free Xander Max electric scooter mentioned before, and a comfortable oversized seat cushion and a fender set. With all the amazing gifts, it is only $1999 as the original price!

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