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6 Things I Learned From My First Electric Mountain Bike

Getting an electric mountain bike is an excellent experience. Generally, it is quite some time before people get their first mountain bike, making it difficult to make the right choice. However, I started mountain biking early, and I recently got my first electric mountain bike. As a result, I have enjoyed myself much over the past few days. I believe it’s time I share the experience with everyone and let you know what I learned from my first electric mountain bike. We will consider six main aspects, including:


  • Versatility is the Key
  • Customization
  • Different Types of Electric Mountain Bikes is the Key
  • Pricing
  • Interface Training
  • The Experience Itself


There are many two-wheelers out in the market, with some offering many different features than others. However, no other vehicle is as versatile as electric mountain bikes. These bikes offer maximum versatility and the chance to adjust the vehicle per your requirements. Concurrently, the same bikes perform well on other terrains due to their speed shifter technology. Therefore, buying a mountain bike with electric options is always recommended when you are ready to have the experience of your lifetime.


Electric mountain bikes have a battery installed, which means they are open to customization based on different electric gadgets. You may add a speedometer and child set per your requirements. In some cases, a complete trunk can also be installed with ports to charge your equipment. Other customization options include choosing the color per your liking or getting the exterior worked out whenever you are ready.

Another benefit here is that electric mountain bikes are built in a way that makes them safe from weather-based issues. Climatic problems won’t matter much if the bike is properly customized. Therefore, it offers a safe investment for anyone looking for a mountain biking experience.

Different Types of Electric Mountain Bikes

With my recent purchases, I have learned more about the different mountain bike types available in the market. Each type has its benefits and flaws. The two main types of electric mountain bikes are as follows:

  • Hardtails: These models have no rear shock absorber, usually found under the rear seat. Similarly, the bikes are exceptional on long-distance rides and can be used for all types of mountain sports. The absence of the shock absorber is a huge benefit as it reduces the bike's weight and makes it easier to cruise around in difficult terrains.
  • Full-Suspension:Here, the focus is on front and rear shock absorbers. If you wish to use your mountain bike on uneven and rocky terrains, consider getting a full-suspension electric mountain bike. Although the weight of these electric bikes is than the ones without rear shock absorbers, they will provide you the maximum level of comfort during your drive.

In both types of mountain bikes, you can find different technology combinations and other features that can ensure an excellent drive on rocky terrains.


Many people consider electric mountain bikes an investment of the future as their current prices may seem exceptionally high. However, the truth is that although the initial cost may be higher than regular mountain bikes, the considerable saving maintained when these bikes are used regularly on rocky terrains can ensure that the bike is much more suited to regular use. At the same time, the pricing involves a lot of extra features that electric mountain bikes offer compared to regular mountain bikes. Added to this aspect is that you don’t need to drive your car anymore on short terrains, as the mountain bike is the perfect way to roam around. Therefore, the total benefit of getting an electric mountain bike if you go biking on rocky terrains is considerable.

Interface Training

A huge issue with using a mountain bike for the first time is that they have a unique interface that shows a lot of information. Without a proper understanding of this information, you may find it difficult to adapt to the interface completely. Prefer getting acquainted with the options presented and ensuring that you understand how each option works out. Another related aspect is aensuring you can read the specifics about the battery, the speed shifter system, and the motor condition. These aspects will help you have the best ride of your life.

The Experience Itself

Remember, mountain biking is itself a time-taking and challenging sport. Once you get your electric mountain bike, you need to understand that it will take time before you get a hold of it. Many people become wary of their purchase when they can’t gain many benefits from it initially. That is not the best way to proceed. Instead, always give yourself time to learn the techniques and familiarize yourself with the vehicle. This way, your travel would become much easier, and you will enjoy the features of the bikes more. I would suggest that you may take on classes or training at the start of familiarizing yourself wit the product as well. The best way is to find someone who has been using an electric mountain bike for some time and learn their tricks.


Enjoying your time with the mountain bike whenever you are ready to get one. Remember, electric bikes are unique vehicles, and it may require some time before you get a hold of them. However, it’s worth the effort. Let us know in the comments section if our article was helpful!


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