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5 Reasons Why Electric Bikes Catch On Fire

Are you worried and want to know why electric bikes catch on fire?

If yes, you are on the right page; here, you'll learn about the reasons for the ebike explosion.

In recent years there have been reports of catching fire in electric bikes.  

In this article, we will look at reasons why electric bikes catch fire. We will also share helpful tips to prevent fire catch.

The e-bike you own is very special to you. You always want to prevent it from getting even a single scratch or any accident. But, some e-bikes catch fire and cause a lot of distress for the bike. Let's find out the reasons in the article below.


Why Do E-bikes Catch Fire?

Here are two main possible reasons behind an electric bike fire catching fire or accident:

Lithium batteries used in most electric bikes contain two electrodes.

The electrolyte between the electrodes and the Li-ion battery is highly flammable. As the battery is charged, charged ions transfer from one electrode to the other. When the battery gets too much heat, the sparks can cause combustible fluid. This overheating causes increased pressure and explode electrodes. Experts use low-quality Li-ion battery components to make batteries at low rates. This situation can lead to potential fires.

Due to excessive heat

Most fire accidents in an e-bike occur due to overheating. Heat is a bike's enemy, so you must ensure the battery does not overheat to its limit. The heat causes the battery to expand, which results in fires.

Battery Failure

A battery failure could occur for many reasons, such as poor cell design or thermal, mechanical, and electrical issues. The other reason is even poor battery design or manufacture.

The primary threats to the battery include internal or external short circuits, temperature changes, or overcharge. You know overheating is a major cause of battery explosions. Also, internal or external short circuits destabilize the battery and lead to an explosion.

Due to faulty parts

There are many internal parts in an electric vehicle or bicycle. Most companies use the best materials to create parts safe from fire and other issues. But, you should use a substandard quality part when replacing it. If you use low-quality parts, your bike may malfunction, leading to a fire.

You can keep your bike safe from these dangers. Here are some following tips that save your E-bike from fire accidents.

Tips to prevent fires in an e-bike

There are some simple tips for you to stop a fire on your bike. Also, you must renew your two-wheeler insurance on time to protect yourself against any incident. Follow the below tips to help you prevent a fire in your e-bike:

  1. Follow instructions

Like every other vehicle you buy for yourself, you get a user manual and an e-bike. This manual helps you to understand how you should use the bike. The manual book also helps maintain and keep your E-bike safe from any incident. So, follow the instructions to protect your bike from all dangers or fire threats.

  1. Register for warranties

When you buy a bike, you must register for a battery warranty. If you see a flaw at any time, this helps you to get the replaced battery. If you replace the battery as soon, you see issues, and fire accidents can be averted. But most people ignore these warnings and continue to use the damaged battery resulting in fires.

  1. Use only the original charging cables

The automobile manufacturer will provide you with the needed charging cables. Use only these cables provided by the company and avoid using any alternative. If there are any issues with the power input, the battery may heat up or catch fire.

  1. Install a smoke detector

It is highly suggested that you place a smoke detector in the e-bike battery. Using this, you can detect a fire in its initial stage and stop it from blowing. At that time, you can then remove the battery and save the vehicle from getting fired.

  1. Avoid power extensions

You must avoid using power cord extensions. The fire or explosion issue can be seen, and there can be changes in the wattage and voltage. Using such extensions and cables can make the battery vulnerable to catchy fire.

  1. Do not charge overnight

As discussed above, battery overheating is the reason for e-bike fires. So, you should take the battery off charge as soon as it fully charges. It is believable that the automatic sensor may not work, and the battery may continue to charge. If you leave it to charge overnight; as a result, heat up leads to a fire.

  1. Invest in covered parking

Leaving your vehicle out the whole day in the sun will make it hotter. The battery will heat up too in the sun. So, when you connect the charger, more heat will get produced and can lead to a fire. So, you should always look to park the bike in a shady place or in a covered area to keep it cool.

  1. Avoid storing batteries

Refrain from storing unused batteries at home. If you aren't using a battery, discard it. It is not a good idea to keep the battery for some time. The battery may leak over a long period and result in accidents when you connect it back on.


The electric bike got fired for many reasons, like overheating the battery and using low-quality parts. But you can make it possible to save it from catching fire by using the above tips. However, electric bikes are constructed to be safe. Before buying a bike, ensure to buy from a reputable manufacturer and follow all safety instructions. Also, ensure that you purchase the best bike insurance policy to get protection for your e-bike. If you have any questions and want to buy your E-bike feel free to contact us.



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