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What's the Difference Between Ebikes and Regular Bikes?

Appearance and Mechanics

An electric bike appears to be just like a regular bike at first glance. When people hear "electric bike", they usually think of scooters or motorcycles, but this isn't the case. An electric bike is essentially a bicycle with electric components.

An electric bike is made up of a battery pack, a motor, and in some models, a display screen. As you pedal, the motor provides assistance, assisting in propelling the bicycle forward.

In general, electric bikes are very similar to regular bikes. As with regular bikes, they feature the same style of wheels, handlebars, and frame types. Pedals and brakes are basically the same. Electric bikes come with a throttle and/or pedal assist, so they can go farther and over steep hills.

Maintenance and Repairs

Taking care of and maintaining an ebike is similar to maintaining a regular bicycle. Maintenance, repair, and servicing are all the same.

You would need to consult a professional if anything went wrong with the electronic components. You can repair or replace your ebike at a bike shop or through the outlet where you bought it. Just like on a regular bike, a competent rider can handle most of the maintenance and repairs themselves. Ebikes are rarely defective, and many of them come with warranties that should cover such repairs.

Learn how to maintain your electric bike to get the most out of it.


Riding Experience

As soon as you start pedaling, the fun begins. As the motor kicks in, the bike transitions from a regular bike to a super bike. An e-bike does not change the activity of cycling, it only makes it easier.

There are pedal assist or thumb throttle electric bikes. Pedal assist can be adjusted according to how much effort you want to exert. The low strength setting means your legs do most of the work, while the maximum strength setting means you are still pedaling, but the motor is doing all the work.



Ebikes can go as fast as 28mph depending on the classification it falls upon. The Boogie Bike Cruiser is a Class 2 ebike, meaning it can go as fast as 20mph. Going faster is possible, but the motor would no longer assist you. This implies that if you want to ride fast, the motor won't assist, which is one of the numerous reasons why people argue that riding an e-bike isn't "cheating."

Rules and Regulations

Motorized vehicles are governed by government rules and regulations. Ebikes of class 2 like the Boogie Bike Cruiser do not need a permit or insurance (in most places), but the rules vary by state. In some states, helmets are mandatory, while in others, a minimum age is required to operate an ebike.

Before riding an electric bike, make sure you check the rules and regulations with the land manager or local municipality.


Which Bike Should You Choose?

Several things should be considered when deciding between a traditional bicycle and an electric bicycle. But, most importantly, decide how you want to use the bicycle.

If you plan to use a bicycle for commuting or long-distance travel, you might want to consider getting an electric bike for an easier ride. Additionally, the ebike’s pedal assist will make biking simpler, faster, and less stressful. There’s a lot of reasons why you should get an ebike.

If you're thinking about buying a new bike but can't decide which type to choose, give us a call now and we can answer any questions you may have.

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