The Revolution of E-bikes is coming. Is It Time to Follow? HOVSCO

The Revolution of E-bikes is coming. Is It Time to Follow?

Electric bikes are gaining popularity day by day! E-bikes are becoming a part of the day-to-day lives of people. Most people are buying e-bikes because of their convenience and return on investment.
If you are someone who has not become a part of the e-bike revolution, then the following article is dedicated to you! In the following section, we are going to mention the reason why you should get along with the EV revolution.
Here’s why you should come along with the e-bike revolution:

1.)Great value for money:

You can get a premium and high-quality e-bike for about $2,000 and this might sound like a big investment if you consider the same as a traditional bicycle. However, if you compare the same amount of money with a fuel-based vehicle, then you would see that you have saved a lot of money in terms of transportation and maintenance costs. Ebikes are simple and easy to maintain and you do not have to spend a lot of money on gas and affordable maintenance price, taxes and insurance fee, etc. At Hovsco e-bikes, we always look forward to creating the best value e-bikes for you! For example, our e-bike range starts from $1,499 for the Hovcity e-bike which gives you a range of 40 miles. This e-bike is meant for urban routes and daily commutes. Compare the cost of running for 40 miles every day in a fuel-based car/motorbike to our Hovcity e-bike. You would notice that you will recover the cost of the e-bikes within months. Afterwards, the e-bike would be running for free!

2.)Ease of riding:

If you can ride a traditional bicycle, then you can ride an e-bike as well. You can select the right assistance level to complement the force of your pedals. Also, there are different power settings that you can adjust during your rides. Hovsco e-bikes come with a 5-level pedal assist that will help you to get through the toughest of the terrains. Also, the pedal assist system is designed to make your riding experience effortless & maintaining adequate battery levels at the same time. Many people find it difficult to ride e-bikes due to the standard top bar design. This is why we invented the step-thru e-bike design that allows you to hop along, and zip through the city traffic or cruise through the long highway roads.

3.)Take it anywhere:

Majority of the e-bikes are designed for city rides! However, there are different e-bikes available for different trails, no matter where you want to go you can find the right e-bike at Hovsco:

●HovApha Step-Thru
●HovAlpha Step-Thru Foldable
●HovRanger Step-Thru
●HovCity Step-Thru

This is a complete range of e-bikes that you can buy from Hovsco, and you can choose the best e-bike that suits your requirements.

4.)Go over long distances with increased range:

One of the biggest things that a lot of people doubted about e-bikes is the range anxiety. What if the e-bike is not able to provide a sufficient range? This thought comes from the initial release of e-bikes that were able to provide only 10-15 miles of range. But, e-bikes have come a long way, today e-bikes can provide long-range up to 60-80 miles. For example, The Hovsco Alpha electric bike provides you with a range of 80 miles. However, the range depends on the surface on which you are riding the e-bike. If it is a rough terrain, then it will consume more power, whereas on flat surfaces it will consume less power.

5.)No hassle maintenance:

Ebike maintenance is the same as the maintenance of a traditional bicycle. You have to check the brakes before you take out your electric bike. The force created by additional brakes will increase the wearing out of the brakes. However, we would recommend that you get your e-bike serviced by a professional annually. You have to note that you might have to change the e-bike components compared to a traditional bicycle, as the motor will apply some additional force! Therefore, you do not have to be surprised if you have to change the brake or the chain more often.

6.)Bunch of smart features included:

E-bikes come along with a list of smart features. For example, our Hovsco comes with a smart LCD panel that shows all the information regarding the battery speed, park assist level, display, and distance travelled. The e-bikes come with a torque sensor that assists you through your pedalling journey. The system will adjust to the power optimally to achieve the best riding experience. We have also developed an app that helps you to keep track of your fitness and workout throughout! These are some of the standout features that you will never find in any traditional e-bike.



At Hovsco, we have always paid attention to providing the best e-bike in the price segment. We have a dedicated accessory store for your bike. We provide up to 2 years of warranty on e-bikes and their parts.

Being professionals, we always look forward to answering any of your questions. If you have any questions, then you can contact us here.


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