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Will Electric Bikes Get Cheaper?

There is no shortage of e-bike models, they have unique advantages that give equally unique value, yet people still buy them.

Indeed, will e-bikes ever become cheaper?

And if they do, when?

It is safe to say that it is improbable for e-bikes to become cheaper shortly because the prices of their essential materials are still continually rising, and the technology still has not matured.

From the battery to the motor, the current trend of e-bike manufacturing is focused on improving performance. This means manufacturers are still investing money to upgrade their models to provide a better experience and user comfort.

Reasons Why Electric Bikes Will Not Get Cheaper In Future

The electric bike industry can't produce cheaper models for the following reasons.

  • Materials -

If you're an electric bike enthusiast, you would know that their materials are constantly improving and developing, from heavy aluminum frames to carbon frames which are much lighter. You also need to consider that e-bike technology has improved motors and lithium-ion batteries instead of lead-acid batteries.

  • Economy factors

Depending on where you live, you might get lower-cost e-bikes or higher prices for the same model, and this is because of import and export fees for the country. For example, in the US, e-bike battery prices are getting cheaper, but due to Brexit in the UK, they are now becoming more expensive to import. At best, this illustrates how your current country of residence affects how expensive or budget-friendly an e-bike can get, and these aspects remain very unpredictable as well.

  • Technology

Nowadays, advanced e-bike models are getting newer technology such as GPS, app syncing, smart routing, and mobile control. As these technologies improve, the price also goes up.

  • Competition

Even though cheap e-bikes exist, there is still less demand for them than high-end expensive bikes since they have cheaper parts. As an electric bike owner, you want to ensure you get your value for money.

What Factors Influence the Cost of an Electric Bike?

Thinking of getting an electric bike? But then there's the price tag. What's the deal with the price?

Will the price of an electric bike come down in the future?

Due to the recent increase in the popularity of electric bikes, there are still quite a few factors currently keeping their prices a little higher than the average electric bike enthusiast would like.

These factors currently influence the cost of electric bikes.

  • The bike's battery and motor.
  • Lack of an economy to scale.
  • The quality of the associated parts
  • the weight of the electric bike.
  • They are relatively new in their development.
  • Research and developmental costs.

The difference between a high bike cost and a low bike cost is influenced by the motor, quality of parts, battery size, and weight.

We've gone into further detail below.

  • Motor

A higher motor power typically means a higher price in the bike shop, which is responsible for turning the wheels on a bike. Motor often needs to be custom-fitted too, which adds to the labor cost of the motor.

  • Battery

The battery for electric bike manufacturers can cost anything up to £500 and more, even above £1000 if you go for a premium model. This accounts for most of the cost of an e-bike.

  • Quality of parts

Bike brands that use higher quality parts and components will have a higher price. For example, higher quality handlebars and rims contribute to a greater cost.

  • Size

The bigger the size of the bike, the bigger the motor and battery too, which contributes to the cost.

  • Weight

A heavy-weight bike will cost more due to higher shipping rates; fat tire bikes are so expensive.

Some Other Expenses To Consider When Buying An Electric Bike

  • Charging
  • Maintenance
  • Replacing the battery

Are Electric Bikes Worth The High Price?

  • They are environmentally friendly
  • Assisted biking
  • There fast
  • Cheaper than a car
  • Can improve fitness

Will e-bikes have a good chance of becoming cheaper in the future?

Considering the facts said above, it would prove useless to hope that e-bikes would have big price drops in the future if primary parts like batteries continue to depend on in-demand materials like lithium and cobalt.

E-bikes will certainly become cheaper than any other gadget or piece of technology. Do not expect its prices to settle down in just a few months or even years.

In particular, Electric mountain bikes are seeing especially rapid developments because of the growing number of patrons they have.

Conclusion - Will An E-Bike Get Cheaper?

Electric bikes could get cheaper in the long-distance future, but for now, they will remain expensive due to developing technology and upgrades, pushing the price up additionally.

We would suggest avoiding cheap e-bikes due to bad quality parts and power, save and invest in the higher-end models which will last you long term.

As things currently stand, electric bikes are expensive and will continue to be within the foreseeable future. The high costs associated with the motor and battery for e-bikes will continue to be a major factor until their construction can be done more efficiently and demand justifies mass production.

On the bright side, it may become less of a niche market as long as the popularity of electric bikes continues to grow. Other manufacturers will step up to produce these bikes shortly. Prices will have to drop for a healthy and competitive market for them, so there's hope for that as people continue to become more environmentally conscious.

In the end, all factors depend on your preferences and purposes.

What do you want from an e-bike? Or do you want to choose for just practicality even if you will settle for low-end models?

 Ride on, stay safe, and wear a helmet! Contact us for more information.

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