Electric bikes are becoming increasingly popular and affordable thanks to technological advancements and increased consumer demand. Ebikes have numerous advantages over traditional pedal bikes, including the ability to travel faster and farther without you pedaling. They also significantly reduce your carbon footprint by being emission-free.

However, an e-bike's effectiveness largely depends on the quality of its shock absorbers - If you are new to the ebike world, likely, you don't know what shock absorbers are or why they are so crucial for your ebike. A shock absorber is a crucial part of an electric bike, as they cushion the ride and make it more comfortable for the rider. Shocks are not all made the same; different types can be used in e-bikes, which have pros and cons. This article will shed light on the shock absorber and its importance to an electric bike. 


What is a shock absorber?

A shock absorber is a suspension system component that absorbs the impact and rebound movement of your electric bike springs and suspension. It helps maintain the road and wheel contact throughout the ride, providing comfort, safety, and dynamic ride control to the ebike. It is the assembly of spring and fluid-filled damper that is placed in between wheels and the frame of a vehicle in such a way that it absorbs the shock provided by the road surface before further sending it to the frame of the bike. The stiffness of the spring used helped the bike in maintaining the surface contact with the road.


All shock absorbers do the same job regardless of type. However, distinct styles and designs are required for various sorts of e-bike and suspension systems. All shock absorbers fall into one of three widely defined types, regardless of the style and design; Standard telescopic shock absorbers, Struts, and spring seat shocks.

Standard telescopic shock: it is the most typical type of shock absorber. It is found in almost all types of e-bikes. It can be fitted to the rear or the front suspensions but is mainly used for the front suspension. They are generally affordable and are more frequently replaced than fixed when they wear out or malfunction. They are also commonly used in affordable, entry-level, and low-end cars. 

Strut type: The function of this kind of shock absorber is the same as others, but the struts take the place of a suspension system component, so they are more robust and can withstand greater loads and forces. There are sealed and repairable versions of the strut-type shock absorbers. The sealed strut is intended to be wholly replaceable and can be fitted with new strut cartridges, whereas the repairable strut can be repaired, as the name implies. 

Spring seat type - Shocks with a spring seat combine the ease of use of telescopic shocks with the dependability of strut kinds. Spring seat shocks function simultaneously as a suspension unit and a dampening device, similar to the latter. However, they cannot be fixed if broken, just like telescopic shocks.

HOW DOES Shock absorbers work?

Shock absorbers are pump-like gadgets that manage the rebound of an electric suspension spring to keep the tire in touch with the road surface. As long as your vehicle's tires are in contact with the road, your steering, road handling, and brake reaction will be excellent, keeping you safe.

Why We Need Shock Absorber?

The shock absorber is a part of ebikes suspension system used as a flexible linkage between wheels and the vehicle's frame, but why do we need this? So let's find out some of its importance to the shock absorber in an electric bike unit.


  • Given that bumps and potholes are frequently encountered during a single journey—as is common knowledge—it is essential that a bike is fitted with a system that can absorb these shocks to make the ride comfortable for both the rider and the passengers.


  • The amplitude of these road shocks is often so great that if they are directly passed to the frame, they can overwhelm the ultimate strength of the frame, leading to frame failure or deformation, which is undesirable. So, we need a firm shock absorber to prevent the large magnitude road shocks from being transmitted to the frame.


  • Effective surface contact between the tires and the road must be maintained during the ride for an Ebike to have a stable ride or dynamic stability. This continuous surface contact is given by a shock absorber assembly's spring with the right amount of stiffness.


  • We need a firm shock absorber that can prevent an e-bike from rolling and keep the bike stable and under the rider's control. This is because when an e-bike makes a sharp turn, the centrifugal force produced by the curve of the arc causes the bike to tend to roll across its roll axis constantly.


  • Because of the load transfer from the rear to the front, an e-bike always tends to pitch when undesirable braking. Thus, we need a strong shock absorber that can absorb this pitching force and keep the e-bike stable, making the braking efficiency.


  • A suspension system's mechanical failure is avoided by using shock absorbers between the wheel and the frame to transmit force from the wheels to the frame symmetrically.

Final thought

There are several reasons you should use shock absorbers in your e-bike. In this article, we has listed some of the best recommendations for selecting the perfect type. Shocks, also known as shock absorbers, are the components of your car that provide a smooth ride. They are intended to absorb any shocks, jolts, or bounces you may feel while driving. They also help to keep all of your tires in constant touch with the road. As a result, it is important you ensure you buy top quality e-bikes brands, such as Hovsco, which comes with some of the best shocks in the e-bike market.


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