How to Maximize Your E-Bike Range


In our fast-paced, modern world, often a manual bike just isn’t quick enough. This is why electric bikes have changed the way we cycle forever. At Hovsco, our e-bike range is designed with speed, comfort and dependability in mind, to give you the best trip possible every single time.

But, there’s nothing worse than getting halfway home and realizing you’re going to need to push your e-bike there with you. Thanks to the reliable Samsung/LG batteries and high-performance motors, Hovsco e-bikes have a 60+ mile range. We believe you shouldn’t have to spend time charging when you could be out on the road.

Thankfully, there are several tips and tricks you can use to maximize your e-bike range and cruise for longer. In this post, we’ll be detailing several of the Hovsco e-bike team’s favorite ways to get the most out of your electric bike’s battery. Enjoy!


Understanding Your E-Bike

Before we get into the details of how you can up your e-bike range, it’s important to know how your bike’s battery functions. Then, factors that might affect its performance will become clear.

The Hovsco e-bikes utilize Samsung/LG lithium-ion batteries. These batteries have a 3-year life cycle. That’s around 1000 trips on your e-bike! As well as having a long lifespan, this battery works in tandem with the motor and torque sensor fitted as standard to your bike. These components match your pedal power, meaning your bike will only use the exact amount of electricity that you need to achieve your desired speed. This synergy between the motor, torque sensor and battery means you can cycle 60 miles on a single charge with pedaling, or 40 miles without.

What Stops Your E-Bike Working at Its Best

Just like any vehicle, the performance of your e-bike on the day will be affected by some external factors. These include:

  • Riding Speed- Though the Hovsco e-bike range reaches 60 miles on a single battery charge, fast riding speeds may leave you falling behind. If you’re aiming to ride at top speeds (around 30mph), a single charge may only last you a couple of hours at most.
  • Assist Level- Sometimes a leisurely cruise on your e-bike is the perfect way to relax. But, if your bike’s motor is doing the majority of the work, you may find battery life and total range suffer as a result.
  • Incorrect Gear - Your e-bike’s gear needs to match its speed for the best results. Riding in the incorrect gear for extended periods, though impressive, will stretch the performance of your bike’s motor and battery, and lessen their overall life.
  • Heavy Cargo- Excess weight on your e-bike, such as a hefty picnic bag or extra passenger, will mean your e-bike has to use more energy to cover the same range. This will reduce the mileage you can cover and necessitate extra charges.
  • Tire Pressure- Deflated tires, especially on unforgiving terrain, will cause your e-bike to drag and the motor to work harder. Over-inflated tires will increase rolling resistance and decrease traction, once again meaning your motor and battery will have to make up for it.
  • Weather Conditions- When riding against the wind on a manual bike, you’ll need to get those legs pumping and use a lot of pedal power. The same goes for your e-bike, which will need some extra oomph to battle harsh weather conditions. This can over-work your motor and quickly deplete battery life.
  • Charging Habits- Running your e-bike’s battery completely down, and then leaving it out of charge for long periods can affect its overall health. Similarly, leaving your battery on charge for longer than it needs to be can lessen its lifespan and potential range.

Any combination of these factors can decrease your e-bike’s range, and even damage its delicate components. Fortunately, many of these effects are easily avoidable with a few simple techniques…

8 Tips to Maximize Your E-Bike Range

Now that you know what factors may lessen your e-bike’s range, it’s time to dive into some tips and tricks you can use to avoid unnecessary recharging. Here are eight of our tried and tested ways to stretch your e-bike to the max, without sacrificing its lifespan.

1. Slow(er) and Steady Wins the Race

The whole point of an e-bike is to get further than a manual bike, faster. But, as we’ve seen, riding at top speeds can wear out your battery and decrease your range quicker than any other factor. Don’t worry, you don’t have to ride at a snail’s pace to get the most out of your battery charge. Instead, try and maintain a consistent speed throughout your journey, rather than switching between high and low speeds. This will give your motor more than enough time to accommodate your desired speed, stopping your battery from draining at an irregular rate.  

2. Get Those Pedals Spinning

It’s a good idea to give your e-bike a helping hand, or foot, now and again. If you want to maximize your e-bike range, consistent pedaling will ensure your motor is only doing what it needs to right from the start of your journey. Similarly, if you start to see those blinking red lights on your battery, pushing those pedals will ensure you maximize what charge you have left. Active pedaling reduces the amount of energy your motor is using and helps you keep fit, combining the best of what e-bikes have to offer.

3. Choose the Right Gear

Riding in the appropriate gear can do wonders for your range. The simple method for selecting the right gear is to choose a higher gear the higher your speed. Additionally, a higher gear while cruising over flat terrain or when going downhill makes it easier to maintain a steady speed. On the other hand, when tackling challenging climbs or uneven terrain, shifting to a lower gear offers an improved mechanical advantage. This way, your motor will only do what it needs to, reducing strain on the battery and helping you conserve energy for when you need it.

4. Handle Your Cargo

Need to pack your e-bike with travel bags or work items? You’ll want the correct gear to store it without putting extra pressure on your motor. At Hosvo, we offer a variety of baskets and racks to ensure you can store your belongings safely, without affecting your e-bike’s weight distribution. Coupled with aerodynamic placement on the rear wheel, packing your e-bike correctly can avoid decreasing your range. Alternatively, the Hovsco e-bike range of cargo bikes are built for bigger loads, able to carry up to 450lbs! Either way, be sure to never overload your bike by exceeding the maximum weight restrictions.

5. You Got to Pump It Up

It’s worth checking your tire pressure before every other ride to make sure they’re correctly inflated. The optimal tire pressure will reduce rolling resistance, meaning your motor will not have to work as hard to propel your e-bike forward. This uses less energy, especially paired with pedaling, and will help maximize your range. If you’re going to be tackling some challenging terrain such as beaches or mountains, you might want to browse our ‘fat tire’ e-bikes. With 26-inch tires, a 960 watt-per-hour battery, and a powerful motor, the fat tire range can reach up to 80 miles!  

6. Resistance is Futile

As we know, wind resistance can reduce your range at a surprisingly quick rate. Selecting routes with some shelter from the wind, such as next to buildings or trees, will help reduce the wind resistance your motor needs to tackle. As well as this, try and avoid bulky clothing which may make you less aerodynamic. By reducing wind resistance it’ll be much easier for your motor to power your ride, so you can maximize your e-bike range. You should try and avoid using your e-bike in harsh weather conditions with strong headwinds.

7. Be Kind to Your Battery

Hovsco Samsung/LG lithium-ion batteries are designed to last up to 3 years. If you push your battery to the limit, however, it may decrease the range between charges and end up killing your battery altogether. To keep your e-bike range as large as possible for as long as possible, try not to run your battery until its completely empty. Charge it as soon as you get home, but don’t overcharge it beyond what it needs. Avoid exposing your battery to harsh temperatures and handle it with care. This should assist your battery’s longevity, and ensure that the maximum time between charges is maintained.

8. Know your Bike

All our bikes in the Hovsco e-bike range are built to the highest quality, with your journey in mind. However, with so many e-bikes on offer, each bike offers a slightly different ride and performance. After a few rides, you’ll get a feel for how long your e-bike’s range usually is, and what puts extra strain on it. Familiarity with your e-bike will allow you to make smart decisions regarding charging, cargo, tire pressure and ride conditions to maximize your range. If you feel your motor flagging and battery draining, it may be time to switch things up and optimize your ride.

Now you know how to maximize your e-bike range using a selection of Hovsco recommended methods. Remember, speed, pedaling, gear, cargo and weather are all factors that may affect your e-bike range while riding. Optimize your riding style on the go for the best results. Once you’re home, check your tire pressure and charge your battery to ensure tomorrow’s ride is as long as possible. All that’s left to do is get out there. Good luck!

Ready to Get on the Road?

Looking for a change? We get you. At Hovsco, our team can’t get enough of the new e-bikes and technology we’re sourcing. To browse our full range of e-bikes simply click here. You’re sure to find the e-bike to suit your style and needs.

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