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How to Choose a Motor for an Electric Bike?

As we all know, the benefits of electric bicycles are more and more well known, and people are more and more understand why people need electric bicycles.

But there are various types of electric bicycles. Today, we will teach you how to choose the right electric bicycle from the most basic component - the motor.

You can find electric bike motors in a wide range of power ratings, from 200W to 1,000W or more. In the United States, the legal limit is 750W, although different states can set their own limits.

Think of it like horsepower. Having a higher rating means that the bike will be able to pull more weight with greater ease, but at the cost of using more battery capacity. Therefore, a 750W motor will drain the battery much faster than a 250W one, but it will be more powerful.

However, there is still another factor to consider. Mechanics of electric bikes are influenced by the design and location of the motor.

Hub motors are the most common type of motor for electric bikes. They are generally integrated into the rear or front wheel. When engaged, they pull or push the wheel. However, there is one drawback. It loses efficiency on hills and varied terrain because it is not connected to the bike's gears. It would be like driving a vehicle in one gear all day. It will get you to your destination, but it won't provide you with the optimum amount of torque or speed that you would get with a full gear range.

At Hovsco, we supply the rear drive motor, which is integrated with the crank and gear. This adds several advantages:

  • Increased performance while consuming less battery power as the rear drive motor uses the bike's existing gears;
  • Better climbing ability because you can switch gears according to the grade;
  • Handling is improved because the motor is positioned closer to the gears, allowing the motor’s power to travel to the e-bike faster.

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