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How Fast Do 1000w Electric Bikes Can Go?

How fast does a 1000w electric bike go? This is one question that we get a lot from many of our customers. These are the people who are interested in buying bikes with higher power for themselves.

If you are someone who has the same question, then the following article is for you! Make sure that you read through the entire article for further knowledge on 1000w bikes.

So let’s get started!

How fast can a 1000w electric bike go?

To put this up straight we will say that a 1000w electric bike will go up to the speed of 38mph. It is an average measure while considering different types of road, wind, and air pressure in the tire.

To gain complete knowledge about the topic, some points might be important to you!

Torque & Power Delivery:

One of the most prominent things that you would notice while riding a 1000w e-bike is the sheer amount of torque available for you. If you are someone who wants incredible power, the bike should be able to pull through any obstacle. Considering the speed part of a 1000w bike and a 500w bike, we can say that it would be the same. Therefore, you should reconsider your requirements as to whether you should go for the additional 500w powered ebike or not.

Please note: If you are already having a 1000w electric bike, and you are not happy about the torque delivery, then you should consider changing your gears to get more torque delivery.

Is having a 1000w electric bike legal in your country?

38 miles per hour is not slow, and having such a powerful e-bike might not be allowed in your country. Different countries have different laws governing the speed of e-bikes. For example, the highest legal speed for e-bikes in European countries is 20 mph. Therefore, you must do your due research to know about the legalities of e-bikes in your country. Perhaps you should know the laws in your country first before making a buying decision.

Factors that might low down the speed of your 1000w e-bike:

Even though the speed of a 1000w e-bike is high, different factors might slow down the speed. Here are some of the factors that might slow down your ebike:

  • Road:If you are riding on rough roads then you might not be able to ride your 1000w e-bike at full speed.
  • Size of tires:If you have larger tires then you will not be able to achieve the top speed due to the increase in the friction on your ground.
  • Weather: Yes, weather conditions will also impact your riding experience on your 1000w e-bike. The speed of your ebike will increase and decrease based on the weather. For example: If you live in a country with cold weather, then it will lead to poor battery performance and reduce the speed of your electric bike. On the other side, if you live in a country with hot summers, then this will impact your e-bike speed, and risk your battery.
  • Wind: Wind adds up to friction while running on the road. If you are biking downwind, then it will increase the speed. Also, if you are cycling against the wind, then it will decrease the speed of your ebike.

Please note: Not only that all the above-mentioned factors will impact the speed, but they will decrease the range as well.

Now that you have understood the factors affecting your 1000w e-bike, you should also know about the must-have features of a 1000w e-bike.

how fast do 1000w electric bikes can go

Must have features in a 1000w e-bike:

You are considering buying a 1000w e-bike. Therefore, to make sure that you are getting the right value for money, you should have the following features: 

  1. Hydraulic braking system: Hydraulic brakes provide you with better braking performance! This is the reason why the top electric bikes come with mechanical brakes.
  2. Shifting sensor: Shifting sensor is responsible for disconnecting the electricity from the motor for about a second while shifting to make sure that there is no unnecessary wear & tear while shifting. Without a shifting sensor, the motor will take more damage to its internal components while changing the gears.  
  3. Big capacity battery: You should have a battery of at least 52 volts and no less than 20 amps of power and range. Keeping these figures in mind will make sure that you are never short of torque or power to keep going through the toughest of terrains. Though you might find that some 1000w ebikes are available with 15-12 amps of power, you should ignore these options.

Final words:

This was our blog about your question “How fast do 1000w Electric Bikes Go?”, again answering the question the bike can go up to 38 mph. You will get a sufficient amount of torque to get through the toughest of terrains during your adventures.

However, keep in mind all the factors and must-have features that have been mentioned above. If you consider and buy all these factors, then we are sure that you will enjoy your rides on your 1000w e-bikes.

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