Hovsco HovAlpha vs Aventon Aventure 26

Hovsco HovAlpha vs Aventon Aventure 26" Fat Tire Ebike Comparison

When it comes down to shopping for electric bikes, Hovsco points towards transparency and cold, hard facts. We will therefore increase the frequency of our comparison articles, in which we compare our ebike to one of its competitors. In this side-by-side comparison, we examine not just the power and performance of both electric bicycles but also their designs, features, and what they may lack. Why? Here are the cold, hard facts about ebikes to help you make an informed purchase decision.

Our focus this week is on all-terrain, fat tire ebikes, comparing the Hovsco HovAlpha to the Aventon ebike Aventure. In this piece, we'll compare both the exterior and interior features of each bike in four sections. The first thing we'll do is provide an overview of the "stats" of each bike, much like the ones you'd find online or in a local bike shop. We will cover each ebike's anatomy and physiology in detail within the following three sections, looking at their electrical, mechanical, and physical. Let’s get started!

Main Difference With Aventure.2

We know that Aventon has come up with a new generation of Aventure, the Aventure.2. They both utilize the powerful top-legal-limit 750-watt motor and advanced torque sensor. But what's the difference between them? Let's compare Aventure.2 with our HovAlpha and see what set them apart.

 Model HovAlpha Aventure.2

Price $1599(Add to cart or contact us for this deal) $1999
Battery 960Wh(48V, 20Ah) 720Wh(48V, 15Ah)
Maximum Range 80 miles 60 miles
Weight 72.8 lbs 77 lbs
Capacity 450 lbs 400 lbs
Pedal Assist 5 Levels 4 Levels
Charger 54.6V, 3 Amp Fast Charger 48V, 3 Amp Fast Charger


As is shown, while HovAlpha is significantly lower in price than Aventure.2, the main difference between the two models is the battery. HovAlpha has a battery of much bigger capacity than Aventure.2, resulting in 20 more maximum miles. This is very helpful if you seek long-distance rides. You don't need to constantly worry about running out of battery in the middle of your ride.


Main Difference With Aventure (First Generation)

Model HovAlpha Aventure
Battery 48V 20Ah (960Wh) 48V 15Ah (720Wh)
Range Up to 80 miles Up to 60 miles
Price $1,599 $1,999



Model HovAlpha Aventure
Motor 750W 750W
Battery 48V 20Ah (960Wh) 48V 15Ah (720Wh)
Pedal Assist 5 Levels 5 Levels
Throttle Thumb Lever Thumb Lever
Range Up to 80 miles Up to 60 miles
Colors 5 5
Weight 73lbs 73lbs
Capacity 450lbs 400lbs
Gears 7 8
Lights Yes Yes
Display LCD Display LCD Display
Top Speed 28 MPH 28 MPH
Price $1,599 $1,999


By looking solely at the main statistics, these ebikes are quite similar. Readers looking for power will note that the HovAlpha has a bigger battery 960Wh and higher top motor performance. In addition, the HovAlpha includes a Step-through frame option for those who need to get on an ebike easier, like the Aventure. 

Because the two bikes have slight statistical differences, someone without a sense of loyalty to a brand might choose one or the other purely on looks. However, when you're spending upwards of $2,000 on anything, you might want to dive a little deeper than what's on the surface.


The electric element is what makes electric bikes what they are. You're probably reading this article because you're curious to know how the electrical components of the Hovsco compare to those of the Aventon ebike Aventure. 








48V 20Ah (960Wh)

48V 15Ah (720Wh)

By having a battery that is 7% larger than its competitor, you have more power and can travel further between charges. This extra capacity is made possible by using the same battery cells that Tesla is using in their latest electric vehicles. From the ground up, these cells are designed to provide a more powerful experience in a smaller space.




The simplest and most accurate way to put it is that our motors are equal. Powerful, brushless, and located in the same place on the ebike.

Pedal Assist

5 Levels

5 Levels

The two models have the same top speeds and pedal assist levels, which gives riders a versatile riding experience, allowing them to fine-tune their pedal assist level according to their preferences.


54.6V 3A

48V 3A

The voltage of HovAlpha is higher than that of Aventure. The higher charger means more time being where you want to be; out on the trail!


LCD Display

LCD Display

Keep your eyes on the road ahead knowing that all the information you need is right at your fingertips on an easy-to-read LCD screen on the handlebars. Display battery, speed, pedal assist level, range, and distance.

Lights Head& Rear Light Head& Rear Light

You will never have to worry about not being seen or having your lights fail mid-ride with integrated front and rear lights. HovAlpha's lights are seamlessly integrated, so there are no exposed wires.



Now that we’ve dove into the electric parts of both the HolAlpha and Abenton ebike Aventure, it’s time to look more into the bike part. After all, these products are electric bikes!







Hydraulic Disc

Hydraulic Disc

Disc brakes on both bikes provide maximum braking power without sacrificing comfort. It is important to consider hydraulic disc brakes when looking for an ebike with a high top speed and the ability to accelerate quickly, such as these two. Hydraulic disc brakes offer a quick and smooth stop.




With 8 gears, the Adventure has a slightly wider range than the HovAlpha with 7. More gears means more flexibility with speed and a smoother transition between gears.

Suspension Fork

Spring Coil Fork


Coil Fork

Both ebikes are equipped with front suspension forks with lockout functions. With a lockout function, the rider can fine-tune their fork to match the terrain they are riding in, either stiffening it or making it more fluid, depending on the terrain. 


Lastly, let's move on to the fun part: the physical aspects. While comparing HolAlpha and Aventon ebike Aventure physically side-by-side, we discuss a few features below that can not only affect riding, but also how you look and feel when you are out and about adventuring. Furthermore, you will feel more confident riding when you look and feel the part!  


Model HovAlpha Aventure Comments
Frame Standard and Step-Through Standard and Step-Through With a step-through model, HovAlpha is not only accessible to a wider audience, but also more appealing. Fat tire ebikes offer a great option for those who cannot or don't want to ride a traditional ebike frame. 
Colors 4 4 Having color options is equally as important, as not everyone likes the same color! HovAlpha is available in dark grey, army green, silver, and champagne gold to accommodate different color preferences!
Weight 73lbs 73lbs The weight of an ebike is an important factor to consider. It's a fine line between wanting it to feel sturdy without being overpowering. 
Capacity 450lbs (incl. rider) 400lbs With an extra 50 lbs of carrying capacity, HovAlpha has a thicker tube wich much more load-bearing, so HovAlpha riders can pack their bags without thinking about weight because they know their ebike can handle what their life demands.
Integrated Battery Yes Yes HovAlpha is one of the first fat tire ebikes with an integrated battery, and the fact that it is among the industry's first is just the cherry on top.

26 x 4” Fat Tire

Puncture Resistant

26 x 4” Fat Tire The tires on both ebikes are puncture resistant and have the same specifications. An all-terrain bike, such as HovAlpha or Aventure, should have puncture-resistant tires; riders will not have to worry if the terrain changes suddenly and whether their ebike can handle it!


 HovAlpha VS. Aventure: WRAPPING UP

The HovAlpha and Aventure are neck-and-neck after our thorough analysis. This comparison offers a few points to consider, but some riders who are still looking for better power with considering the performance may still lean one way or the other. They will realize that HovAlpha offers better motor performance and other features than Aventure. You can start your journey right away by preorder Hovsco fat tire bike. More deductions and money-saving will be offered too. 

HovAlpha stands out against these components because of its sheer ingenuity. At Hovsco, we take pride in what we do. A more powerful battery, faster charger, better brake lights, or a state-of-the-art color display, price less are all highlights. Additional features include a variety of frame styles, bike sizes, color options, and included accessories! Which of these two bikes is a better fit for your needs? Share your thoughts!


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