Hovsco HovAlpha vs Himiway Cruiser - Ebike Comparison HOVSCO

Hovsco HovAlpha vs Himiway Cruiser - Ebike Comparison

We here at Hovsco believe the future of mobility is all about options. We take pride in providing high-quality e-bikes at an affordable price. The option may be how you get to work, exercise, adventure where you go, no matter your age or fitness level. By choosing Hovsco, you are choosing to use your hard-earned dollars in exchange for quality, affordability, and first-class customer service. There’s few things some riders have asked for more than a comparison of the Hovsco HovAlpha vs. Himiway Cruiser - two of the most popular and affordable fat-tire electric bikes. Let's have an overview about ebike parts comparison between these two ebikes.




Model Hovsco HovAlpha Himiway Cruiser
Battery 48V 20Ah (960Wh) Samsung Lithium Battery 48V, 17.5Ah (840Wh) 
Motor Sutto 750W Brushless Rear Hub Motor 750W Brushless Rear Hub Motor
Lights Yes Yes
Pedal Assist 5 PAS levels 5 PAS levels
Sensor Torque Sensor Cadence Sensor
Display LCD Display Backlit LCD Display 
Range 60-80 miles  35-60 miles 
Throttle Thumb  Twist
Colors 3 1
Weight  73 lbs  72 lbs
Gears 7 7
Top Speed 28 mph 20 mph
Brake Hydraulic Disc Brakes  Mechanical Disc Brakes
Price Starting at $1599 $1,599


HovAlpha is sure to be a powerful fat tire ebike that produce much 85 Newton meter torque, and it will help carry that power all the way to its top speed 28 mph. It’s also got a class leading range thanks to its huge 960Wh battery, which is a very cool feature. Its hydraulic disc brakes and more powerful battery 960Wh mean that HovAlpha has a better stopping power and can ride for a longer range. 


Electrical Components


A 750W geared hub motor is laced into the rear wheel of two ebikes. On the Himiway is one unbranded rear hub motors that appear very similar and on the Hovsco is a hub motor from popular manufacturer Sutto. Though similar on paper, these two motors put power to the ground in very different ways thanks to careful tuning.

The Hovsco HovAlpha also has an impressively large 48V, 20Ah (960Wh) battery that gives it a class-leading range, while the Himiway Cruiser’s 48V, 17.5Ah (840Wh) is much lower. The Hovsco and Himiway all have the typical five pedal assistance levels, which adjust power and the maximum motor assisted speed to give a rider added control over the bike’s motor. Details will be shown as below. 


 Model HovAlpha Aventure Comments


Battery 48V 20Ah (960Wh) 48V 17.5Ah (840Wh) HovAlpha's motor has quite a more powerful motor and can travel further compared to Himiway Cruiser's. This extra capacity is made possible by using the same battery cells that Tesla is using in their latest electric vehicles. From the ground up, these cells are designed to provide a more powerful experience in a smaller space.
Motor Sutto 750W Hub Motor 750W Hub Motor The simplest and most accurate way to put it is that our motors are equal. Powerful, brushless, and located in the same place on the ebike.
Sensor Torque Sensor Cadence Sensor The Himiway Cruiser comes with a 5-speed pedal assist enabled via a cadence sensor. But HovAlpha comes with a better 85 Newton Meter torque sensor which adjusts output power optimally to achieve a highly-satisfying riding experience.
Pedal Assist 5 Levels 5 Levels The two models have the same top speeds and pedal assist levels, giving riders a versatile riding experience and allowing them to fine-tune their pedal assist level as their desire.
Charger 54.6V 3A 48V 3A The higher charger means more time being where you want to be; out on the trail!
Display LCD Display LCD Display Both two ebikes displays give the typical metrics of speed, trip time, distance covered, etc. 
Light Headlight & Rear Light Headlight & Rear Light No concern about not being seen or having your lights fail with integrated front and rear lights. 





Model Hovsco HovAlpha Himiway Cruiser Comments 




Brakes Hydraulic Disc Brake Mechanical Disc Brake HovAlpha features hydraulic disc brakes paired with 180mm rotors which has a better performance and stopping power. 
Drivetrain 7-speed shifter 7-speed shifter Both ebikes are equipped with a same seven speed shifter. It will help you climb and descend hills with more ease. 
Suspension Fork

Spring Coil Fork


Coil Fork


They are coil fork which provides 80mm of travel, preload adjustment, and lockout.
Pedals 5 Pedal Assist  5 Pedal Assist  This five pedal assist levels allow you to control your max speed and allows the Himiway bike to be both 
Colors 3 Colors, Army Green, Dark Grey, Sapphire 1 Color, Black The HovAlpha comes in three different colors. This is wider color options compared to many ebike companies which opt for a one-color-fits-all approach.





Model Hovsco HovAlpha Himiway Cruiser Comments 


Tires Kenda 26" * 4" 26" * 4"  The HovAlpha rides on Kenda fat tire with reflective sidewalls, which is more accessible to people on the road. Himiway Cruiser has a 4" fat tire too, but without that reflective sidewalls.
Integrated Battery Yes Yes They are equipped with integrated front light and rear light.

Quick Release Front Wheel

Yes Yes A quick-release front wheel allows you to stow or transport your bike easier than with a wrench system.




HovAlpha VS. Himiway Cruiser: WRAPPING UP


The Hovsco HovAlpha sports some pretty impressive specs, with a high-powered 750-watt rear hub motor that peaks at 1032 watts. The Hovsco HovAlpha has a 20Ah battery versus the 17.5 Ah battery found on the Himiway Cruiser. The HovAlpha has a nicely integrated battery design with the battery placed directly into the frame whereas the Himiway Cruiser is using an externally mounted battery.

And though it comes out of the box hitting speeds of 20 miles per hour, it can be modified to hit 28 mph. Priced at a competitive $1,899, it’s a strong entry into the fat ebike realm, and in a slick-looking package with quality components. 

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