HovRanger Commuter E-bike vs KBO Breeze Commuter E-bike HOVSCO

HovRanger Commuter E-bike vs KBO Breeze Commuter E-bike

When choosing an electric bike, you must verify that you are selecting the finest option for you. Several options are available in terms of size, cost, and varied characteristics. We will reduce our choices to just two bikes and compare them in this post.

We'll take a closer look at a popular e-bike, the KBO Breeze Commuter Ebike, and compare it to our HovRanger Ebike. We'll put these two ebikes up against each other stat for stat to see how they compare.

There are four sections that we’re going to use when conducting the comparison of these ebikes. The first is going to be a “Stats” or summary section, comparing these two ebikes side-by-side based on their stated performance; what you may find presented to you in a store when you’re the customer trying to make their choice. The following three sections will cover all the aspects of each ebike in more detail. Let's get started!


An Overview of General Stats


Model HovRanger KBO Breeze
Motor 750W  500W
Battery 48V 15Ah Samsung/LG 48V 16Ah
Charger 54.6V 3A 48V 3A
Brake Hydraulic Disc Mechanical Disc Brake
Sensor Torque Sensor Cadence Sensor
Range 60+ Miles  30-55 Miles 


Green, Indigo, Black Coral

Black, Orange

Total Payload Capacity 450 lbs (incl. rider) 300 lbs 
Gears 7 7
Top Speed 28 MPH 25 MPH
Tire 27" * 2.35" 27" * 2.4"
Lights Headlight & Rear Light Headlight & Rear Light
Display LCD Smart Easy Read Display with Backlight  LCD backlight display
Weight 73 lbs 62 lbs
Pedal Assist 0-5 0-5
Battery Light Yes, with full LED strip Light  No 
Price $1,699 $1,499


HovRanger has a more powerful motor 750W than KBO Breeze commuter ebike one as well as a 54.6V 3A larger charger, which means there's a bit more juice to help you finish your journey. Besides, other components such as hydraulic disc brake, torque sensor, larger range and payload capacity, etc, has more clear advantages compared to KBO Breeze, although KBO Breeze E-bike is $200 cheaper. A little more expensive price with an ebike will guarantee you more high quality, safety and maintenance for your ebike. Since the price is above $1,000, not a little money, you should consider thoroughly before making a big decision.



After all, these are e-bikes. So, how do these two machines compare when we strip them down to their electrical components?






Although KBO Breeze has a little larger battery than HovRanger, HovRanger Ebike has a better motor 750W which gives you up to 60 miles range per charge. 


750W 48V Brushless Rear Hub Motor 

500W 48V 

HovRanger has a larger motor 750W, which can take you out on the trail and spend more time where you want to be. No need to worry about light out. 

Pedal Assist

5 Levels of PA

5 Levels of PA

Both of these e-bikes have the same level of pedal assist. 


54.6V 3 Amp

48V 3 Amp

 HovRanger has a larger charger, which will give you more electricity needed especially while outside.

LCD Screen



Both displays show battery charge level, speedometer, odometer, trip odometer, and your pedal assist level, etc. There is no difference.

Battery Lights Yes No

HovRanger has a full LED strip light on one side of battery pack. Worrying about mobile phone or other electronic products powered off does not exist. 

Sensor  Torque Sensor Cadence Sensor 

With a torque sensor, you are always helping. Even at the 300% level you are still providing 1/4 of the power yourself. More smart, less strength you need to take with a torque sensor. Obviously HovRanger will help you more. Comfortable riding, fun riding. 


The HovRanger commuter e-bike ultimately has a bigger battery when compared with the KBO Breeze commuter e-bike, while the KBO Breeze commuter e-bike has a 16amp hour battery compared with the HovRanger commuter e-bike which has a 14amp hour battery. Apparently, what a real user wants is saving more strength, and a happy riding. Convenience to using light, larger charger helps electricity out is much more desired. HovRanger E-bike can help you with that.  



From the electronic we move onto the mechanical parts of these ebikes. This includes everything from the frame to the brakes.




KBO Breeze


Frames Step-Over  Step-Over These two bikes are equipped with step-over version for the frame. 


Hydraulic Disc Brake

Mechanical Disc Brake

Hydraulic brakes deliver more power and smoother operation than mechanical disc brake.




Both ebikes are equipped with 7 speed gearing. 

Suspension Fork

Zoom Spring Coil Fork 80mm of travel

Coil Fork

80mm of travel

Cushioning front suspension means you can ride anywhere with comfortable confidence. 80mm of travel means that even the roughest pavements can be tamed. 


The hydraulic brakes which work smoothly and efficiently time and time again with no cable stretching over time, shows, again, the level of detailed thought which has gone into one of these ebikes over the other. 



Last but not least, give it a look over to see if you actually like it. We’ve done this and, whilst we think the HovRanger is just that much sleeker and beneficial, we also noted a few other points of interest.


Model HovRanger KBO Breeze Comments


Green, Indigo, Black Coral


Black, Orange

More color options will definitely accommodate rider's different color preferences! HovRanger has 3 color options for you to choose from. Green, Indigo and Black Coral.

Weight 73lbs 68lbs

The weight of an ebike is an important factor to consider. 

Carry Capacity 450lbs (incl. rider) 300lbs With much more weight capacity, HovRanger riders can pack their bags without thinking about weight much. 
Integrated Battery Yes Yes The integrated battery into the frame in a stylishly sleek way is what most riders want to see. 

27 x 2.35” Fat Tire

27 x 2.4” Fat Tire

The tires on the HovRanger are 2.35 inches wide while the KBO Breeze are 2.4 inches.  An advantage to a slightly more narrow tire is improved efficiency and battery power saving. 



It is through the analytical, physical lens where you can really see how these ebikes are set apart from each other. Compared to KBO Breeze, HovRanger Electric Bike has more payload capacity and thinner tire. It has more stable and efficient, which brings you much more comfortable riding experience.



After comparing these two ebikes side by side there are many similarities between these HovRanger Commuter Ebike and the KBO Breeze Commuter Ebike which make them quite inseparable. But, as we keep mentioning, you must delve in underneath the proverbial hood and see what things are like when it comes to the electrical, mechanical, and physical aspects of these ebikes. Looking past the basic stats and delving down deeper tells you more about these ebike, the processes they went through in design and production, and, in reality, this is where true value is calculated. 

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