Are you required to pedal when riding an electric bike? HOVSCO

Are you required to pedal when riding an electric bike?

In a previous article, we discussed the pedal assist system for e-bikes titled: What is Pedal Assist?

If we are riding, do we still need to step on the pedals?

It depends on the model you choose. Electric bicycles with throttle modes can ride without human assistance. They are similar to mopeds. The rider does not pedal.

Pedelecs or pedal-assist models are another option. Pedelecs are not fully autonomous. They only assist with pedaling. When you launch, during acceleration, and in difficult areas, such as speed hills, the motor engages.

Ebikes require pedaling, but with less effort than traditional mechanical bicycles. By using an e-bike, you can travel longer distances, climb hills, and not get so tired even without sports training. Biking with electric assistance does not deprive you of the pleasure and benefits of cycling.


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