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Must Have Ebike Repair Tools

Because electric bicycles are becoming more and more popular now, more and more people have electric bicycles. During the ride, if there is no repair shop nearby, but there is a problem with the electric bicycle, you can only repair it yourself. At this time, you will know the importance of electric bicycle maintenance tools.

The bare essentials for when you’re out and about on your electric bike are as follows:

Puncture Repair Kit - The puncture repair kit should include tire levers, vulcanizing patches in a variety of shapes and sizes, vulcanizing cement, and metal files. There are also many of them that come with instructions on how to fix a puncture. Even if they do, it's still a good idea to know how to remove and replace a tire before you need to do it for real on the trail.

Multitool - An ebike specific multitool will have all the Allen wrenches, a.k.a hex keys, screwdrivers, and open wrench pieces that you’ll need to work on your ebike on the side of the trail. The most important part of this tool is the open wrench that will help you get the nut off your tire, allowing you to remove it from your ebike and repair it. If it doesn’t have this tool then you should add this to your essential ebike road kit. 

Portable, Mini Pump - We spoke about how to inflate an ebike tire without a pump a few weeks ago, and whilst CO2 canisters are great for getting that tire pumped once your canisters are empty they’re empty. If you carry these you may want to carry a pump as a backup. Pumping may take more effort and a lot more time but a pump will never run out on you. That being said, make sure you have the correct fitting for the valve on your tire and that it can inflate to the pressure required for your tires.

Of course, when riding outdoors, pay more attention to safety than riding in the city. Hope this article helps you:How to Stay Safe While Riding Ebikes? 



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