Best Ebikes and Ebike Mods for the Tall or Big

Best Ebikes and Ebike Mods for the Tall or Big

Are you a tall or big person looking for an ebike that fits your body figure and is comfortable to ride on? Indeed, people like you often face challenges when looking for a ride. Life is hard enough as a tall or big person, you don’t want an uncomfortable ride to ruin your riding mood!

Fortunately, many ebike companies acknowledge the need for ebikes for the tall or big. These ebikes usually have larger frames that you can stretch your legs on. Also, there are modifications you can do on ebikes so they can accommodate your body. In this article, we will go over the important factors that tall or big people should consider when choosing an ebike, and the best ebikes and ebike mods you could do.

What tall or big people should be looking for in an ebike

1. Frame and wheel size

These individuals should look for ebikes with larger and longer bike frames and wheelbases. These ebikes ensure more spacious space for you to work around the body, and find the most comfortable riding position for you. Never bend over or feel cramped on an ebike that’s too small! Most ebike brands do not offer options for bike frames, but there is a variety of wheel sizes in the market. And with a larger wheelbase often comes a larger frame. You should opt for ebike wheels no less than 26 inches.

2. Adjustability

Adjustable components are important as most ebikes in the market are made in standard, and it’s hard or pricey to find custom-made ebikes. Adjustable components can be handy in this situation. You can always adjust the components to fit your own body and riding preference. Handlebar, stem and seat post are the commonly seen adjustable ebike components. Even if the original parts cannot be adjusted, make sure that they are easy to take off and replace. You can always get after-market ones.

3. Weight capacity

As tall or big people often have a larger weight, it’s crucial to consider the weight capacity of the ebike. Make sure that the weight of you and other stuff you often bring along on your ride are within the capacity of the ebike. Exceeding the weight capacity can compromise the ebike’s performance, or even worse, potentially damage the ebike and lead to a safety hazard. So before buying an ebike, you should check the specifications and look for the weight capacity item.

4. Power

With a larger weight, the tall or big should pay attention to the power of the ebike if you hope for better performance. It’s easy to understand that the more weight you put on an ebike, the less power the ebike can provide to drag you forward. This is especially important if you plan to tackle more challenging terrains as it will further influence the power of the ebike.


When a tall or big person chooses an ebike, it’s important to take the factors mentioned above into consideration. However, the ideal way is to visit a local bike shop and test-ride different models. Trying out various eBikes firsthand lets you feel their comfort, handling, and how well they suit your body type. This hands-on experience helps in making a more informed decision about the eBike that fits you best. Hovsco has collaborated with over 100 dealers across the US, and provides test rides offline for you to try out.

Best ebikes for tall people

1. HovRanger

HovRanger ebike has a 27.5-inch wheelbase so the total bike frame is quite large. It supports up to 300 lbs of weight capacity, which can handle most of the riders. HovRanger is equipped with a 500-watt motor, which is powerful enough for common inclines or hill climbing. The seat is adjustable to fit riders from 5’1” to 6’7”. See our rider Matt who is 6’3” riding HovRanger step-thru model up a steep incline.

The step-over model features a flat handlebar, and the step-thru model features a flat riser handlebar, which offers a more upright riding position. Stem is removable so a stem extender can be added. See a photo of our rider Bill, who is 6’1” and weighs almost 300 lbs.

2. HovAlpha

HovAlpha ebike is the star ebike of the Hovsco collection. One of its biggest features is its 26x4 inch knobby fat tires, so it has quite a large bike frame too. It fits riders from 5’3” to 6’7”. The large contact area of fat tires with the ground reduces the bike’s pressure on the ground, so you’re able to ride the bike on soft terrains such as grass, gravel, snow and sand.

HovAlpha is equipped with a powerful 750W motor, which is the top legal limit in the US. And it supports up to 450 lbs of payload capacity. See a photo of our rider Mat, who is 6’3”.

3. HovScout

HovScout ebike is the premium one in the Hovsco collection. It has almost the same specs as HovAlpha - 26x4 inches fat tires, a large bike frame, a 750W motor, and fits riders from 5'3" to 6'7". But what makes it special is that it is equipped with a full suspension system. It can perfectly absorb the shocks from the road, so it offers a comfortable riding experience, especially for people tall and big people who might feel more with their bodies. See a photo of our rider Steve, who is 6-foot tall.

The above ebikes are all equipped with the advanced torque sensor. It can sense how hard you are pedaling on the ebike and tell the motor to provide corresponding power for your ride. As you can imagine, it is very precise so the ride will be smooth and natural. Torque sensor is superior and more pricey than others in the market.

Best ebike mods for tall people

Luckily, you can still do modifications on your ebike to cater to your needs. You can get these parts in after-market and replace the original parts on the ebike.

1. Handlebars

You can choose flat or riser handlebars according to the riding position you prefer, more lean forward or more upright.

2. Stem extender

If you have very long legs, you might set the seat high, and then the handlebars might be too far away to reach. You can add a stem extender in this case.

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3. Longer seat post

Longer seat posts enable you to adjust the seat height much higher so your legs can stretch out more.

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