HovBeta Folding Ebike Reviews

HovBeta Folding Reviews from Professional Ebikes Youtubers

By Tailhappytv

 If you've been on the hunt for a folding fat ebike that's actually legal, affordable and also exciting, the Hovsco HovBeta could be the ebike for you. The intuitive pedal assist sensor that gives you power based on how hard you press on the pedal is another feature the sets this folder apart from the sea of junk ebikes. The battery is built with samsung/lg cells, and they offer a warranty period as well as refund policy and have established dealer relationships throughout the USA.

By StevenSteph

" The greatest thing about this HovBeta foldable ebike is that the bike can be folded up and easily fit into our Prius car. Love it so much!"

By Lead Farmer 73

" This is one nice-looking bike now, I've been using this bike to go all through these woods and everything else on my trails and I'm telling you this is the folding one I like the best. It has the smoothest pedal assist I've ever felt, it has a system built in it that it goes as fast as you go so if I pedal harder it will pick up and go harder. It is so helpful! "

By Matty Van Halen

"This bike is looking good, it folds up nice and thin.I love the torque sensor on the motor, the harder you pedal, it can sense that and it gives you more boost, but if you just want to creep along, it can tell that too and it doesn't just give you too much throttle. It is so much torque this is a beast."

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