HovAlpha Step Thru Reviews

HovAlpha Step Thru Reviews from Professional Ebikes Youtubers

By CrazyRussainHacker

" I had a lot of fun riding this HovAlpha ebike and honestly this is the best ebike for the mountains by far. This is the easiest bike to go uphill and come up on such a steep angle, it is like 45 degrees. what an amazing bike.The torque sensor system sends how much assistance need and helping me to the maximum when I’m riding uphill. It's incredible. "

By TailHappyTV

What makes this e-bike stand out in the pack is it has a torque sensor and a 20 amp hour battery pack and for the price it's a pretty good deal. If we compare this bike right here to the leading names such as the aventon Adventure 2, it has only a 15 amp hour. if you are in the market for a big battery torque sensor fat tire e-bike I really don't think you can go wrong with this one at this price point. Aventon does not want you to see this ebike!

By Kirk  Kreifels

Torque sensor makes for an effortless riding experience, it feels very natural and I feel like, there's absolutely no learning curve with this e-bike compared to other bikes, and this bike is one of the better ones I've tested on the sand off-roading with the big tires, this is the worst sand possible for any sort of Tire because it's just powder and this bike handled it quite well.

By Electricfied Reviews

If you're a fan of a torque sensor well here's one for you. Its motor here I believe it's 95 N.m of torque. You can see me go up that hill several times and this bike is doing a great job. I don't know this thing feels pretty wild for a motor that's only peaking at it's like 1100, it's not even 1100 Watts and we're getting that sort of performance out of it.

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