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What Kind Of Bike Rack Do You Need For An E-Bike?

Electric bikes are knowingly heavier compared to mountain and road bikes. The average weight of an e-bike is 23 kg (48 lbs). Its heavier weight is due to its electrical equipment like batteries and motors. If you want to go out for an adventure on your e-bike, you will need a bike rack to mount your bike to the vehicle. These bike racks are an important car accessory because they transport your e-bikes smoothly from one location to another. But how will you know what kind of bike rack you need for an e-bike?

The standard bike racks are not strong enough to hold the weight of e-bikes. A hitch-mounted platform rack is the best option to transport your bike. Why is this best? Let's have a look.

Electric bicycle

  • Roof racks and e-bikes

Your bicycles are damaged more during transport as compared to the damage caused during a ride. Keep in mind that for an e-bike, it is more important because your electric bike has more expensive components than standard bikes.

Generally, e-bikes weigh from 38 to 70 pounds. And if you are considering transporting it on the roof rack, then it's a very bad idea. Even the two members can hurt themselves or may damage the bike while loading it with great care. The weight of the two e-bikes and the rack itself may exceed the weight limit of the roof rack. If you remove the battery, it doesn't help. Roof racks are forbidden for transporting your bikes.

  • Trunk-mounted racks and e-bikes

This kind of rack is not designed to hold heavy electronic bicycles. The average weight-lifting range of these racks is almost 35 pounds. But even the lightest electronic bike weighs more and exceeds the weight limit. These kinds of racks can influence the drive too.

The bike rack is mounted on the vehicle's truck, making it impossible to use the storage space. Its frame also has safety and security issues, making it more problematic to use for an expensive bike.

  • Hitch-mounted rack

This bike rack slides into the receiver of the hitch of the trunk or car. It has many advantages, mentioned below, compared to trunk-mount racks and roof racks.

  • Loading and unloading are very easy.
  • It is available with great capacity.
  • Available in a wide variety of designs,
  • It is more aerodynamic as compared to roof-mount racks.
  • It is very secure.
  • It can be attached to more vehicle models.

Kinds Of Hitch-Mounted Bike Racks.

Two types of hitch-mount bike racks are available.

  1. Platform bike rack

With the help of a platform bike rack, you can quickly load and unload your favorite Hovsco e-bike or any other electronic bike. It is a very safe and strong platform that can hold up to 4 e-bikes. It can accommodate different bikes but may need an adapter for some frames. But if you have a specialty in building your own e-bikes, it's easy to safely adjust your bike on the rack using an adapter.

These bike racks support your e-bike by its tires and are secured with the help of wheel clamps or frame clamps. It has adjustable wheel holders, with the help of which it can fit a wide variety of bikes regardless of their size, the shape of the frame, or the wheel size. Plat form style racks are also available for small-sized bikes, like children's bikes. You can hold the bike with an adapter or close-space dual arms.

  1. A Hanging Bike Rack

Hanging bike racks can hold 2 to 6 bikes. It is not expensive as compared to a platform rack. Its weight is significantly less. It mostly makes more contact with the frames and may require adapters for some frames. Because it's too wide, it cannot hang kids' bikes properly.

Hanging bike racks hold the bike from its frame, hanging from its top tube. These racks are perfect for regular-framed bikes. Bikes with different frames, like step-through e-bikes, may not hang properly, but you can use an adapter bar. This adaptor bar supports your bike by attaching it to a seat post and head tube.

Some good bike racks are listed here.

Leader Accessories 2-Bike Platform Style Hitch Bike Rack for Electric Bikes

It comes with a vast range of adjustability options. Because of its tilt frame, you can easily access your rear car doors. It has a heavy load capacity and wide wheel holders, allowing you to easily adjust the fat tire electric bike. Ergonomic knobs give extra security to the rack. You can load up to 70 pounds on it, which is best for heavy bikes. Because of its tilt design, it is very easy to operate.

You can also fold the Leader Accessories 2-Bike Platform Style Hitch Bike Rack up to clear the space when it is not in use. A safety reflector ensures visibility at night, gives foam protection above the hooks and prevents scratches and damage when mounted.

Saris Superclamp EX Bike Hitch and Car Rack for Electric Bikes

It is lighter than other bike racks and can hold multiple bikes. Its frame does not affect the visibility from the rear window view. It is made of steel and has double wheel-clamping hooks, giving strong wheel security.

You can load a bike with a 50-inch wheelbase that can bear up to 190 pounds. However, being careful regarding the two outer bikes would be best. These should not exceed 35 pounds each when loading the bikes.

A locking hitch pin gives extra support to the bike rack and has no frame contacts. Because of its reflector light, you will have guaranteed visibility. It weighs only 63 pounds and is much lighter than other bike racks.


In the end, we will suggest you consider some important points while selecting a hitch-mounted bike rack for you. It would be best if you considered the following:

  • Tongue weight capacity
  • Rack weight
  • Easy installation
  • Its loading capacity
  • Security

From the above, we know that hitch-mounted bike racks are best for transporting your expensive electric bikes. These are easy to install, lightweight, and carry more bikes than other roof and trunk-mounted racks.

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