Introducing HOVSCO’s Foldable 20″ Step-Through Ebike HOVSCO

Introducing HOVSCO’s Foldable 20″ Step-Through Ebike

Do you think foldable step-through electric bikes are worth it?
According to market statistics, foldable bikes will continue to flourish in the electric bike industry. Most people have realized how flexible, lighter, and stronger they are compared to other ebike models.
And do you know what’s better?
A foldable electric bike with a step-through frame!
Yes, step-through frames are the talk of the town everywhere. They allow easy mounting to and dismounting from the electric bike, a particularly significant feature for ladies wearing skirts and dresses.
Do you think you can invest in a foldable electric bike with a step-through frame?
HOVSCO got you!
We are introducing the HOVSCO foldable step-through electric bike with a sleek design and 20” fat tires that will make your riding experience on any terrain a breeze.
We have discussed some salient features which validate our belief that this ebike is worth every penny. Please, continue reading to unlock them!


Features and Technical Specifications

Plenty of Power

The HOVSCO foldable 20” Step-through electric bike uses an updated brushless high-speed gear hub motor with a maximum power output of 750W. This Bafang motor delivers a high torque of 85Nm that helps you to beat all rugged terrain (even the most rugged ones), climb hills, and explore further faster and efficiently.
This maintenance-free powerful motor is light and runs quietly and smoothly, making commutes more convenient. Besides, it reduces frictional resistance and wear, saving on maintenance costs and improving its life and riding experience.
High-Quality Samsung/LG Battery with Flash Light
The HOVSCO foldable 20” Step-through electric bike is equipped with a 48V 15Ah LG battery that ensures long life expectancy and notable performance. The bike combines this Samsung/LG battery technology with a 5000mAh single cell capacity in a smaller size but with more extensive diversity.
The internal lithium-ion battery efficiently improves the range, stability and safety of HOVSCO bikes. A single charge of this removable 720Wh battery can last up to 40 miles under pure electric power and 60+ miles on pedal-assist mode. And after 1000 charges, this battery will maintain 80% of its capacity.

LED Strip Light

The HOVSCO foldable 20" step-through battery is also equipped with a complete LED strip light containing 120 LED lamp pieces. These flashlights run off the battery at full voltage and have enough current to light a bright light within a 4-meter range and about 20 m² areas even at night—no light out worry.

LCD Digital Panel

It’s significant for the rider to have real-time feedback on important information such as the battery, odometer and pedal assist level, and more. The LCD digital panel displays such information.
The LCD has display functions like time, total accumulated mileage, power indicator, brake indicator, speed display, headlight display, and the 5-level pedal assist function, among others. It also has control & setting functions, including power and headlight switch controls.
This LCD digital panel has a backlit screen to make intelligent reading easy. Besides, its position at the front and centre of the bike makes it easy to use.

Brake System

This foldable step-through electric bike uses front and rear disc brakes and adopts hydraulic disc brakes to better the braking effect. The brakes have 180mm rotors fitted with the wheel hub to make frictional contact with the brake shoe and cause the bike to either stop or decelerate.

Gear System

HOVSCO foldable 20” step-through electric bike chooses a 7-speed gear system (i.e., one chain ring at the front, and seven cogs, also called cassettes, at the back, providing seven different gears). This 7-speed gear system allows the ebike motor to cover different gradients efficiently.
The higher speed makes it easier to ride the bike uphill. And in alliance with the 5-level pedal-assist system, you can shift to a befitting speed to complete your journey.

Sensor Technology

A torque sensor measures the rider's pedalling effort to determine how much electric power will be sufficient to assist in pushing the bike. A cadence sensor measures if the cyclist pedals. It then sends a signal to the controller to turn the motor on or off.
The HOVSCO foldable 20” step-through electric bike uses torque and cadence sensors that emulate pedalling power to ensure an intuitive ride feel.

20-inch Fat Tire

From its name, the HOVSCO foldable 20” step-through electric bike comes with quality 20-inch 4.0 ebike-rated tires. These durable puncture-resistant fat tires can run on any terrain, including snow and muddy roads, giving riders a smoother, steadier, and more comfortable riding experience.

Aluminum Folding Frame

The single-butted aluminium alloy frame makes this HOVSCO foldable 20” step-through electric bike lightweight but more robust. The bike weighs 66.4 lbs. and can easily fold into a compact size.
HOVSCO uses the latest Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding technology to produce smooth, precise seams and perfect surfaces on this bike's frame.

Seat and Seat Post

The seat post of the HOVSCO foldable 20" step-through electric bike is made of forged alloy and comes with a quick-release seat clamp that allows the rider to uninstall and reinstall the saddle themselves.
The bike’s adjustable saddle is quality and softly padded for ergonomic comfort; they make long rides fun!

Have A Free Test Ride Of HOVSCO Bike!

We understand that selecting one out of many electric bike models and brands to purchase is not always an easy decision. Nevertheless, a test ride will help you experience everything a company offers.
At HOVSCO, we are constantly creating and expanding our collection of gorgeous and powerful electric bikes to make your commutes, adventures, and exercises, among other biking activities, more fun and appealing to your wallet.
And because we value your 100% satisfaction with your potential purchase of a HOVSCO electric bike, we have designed a test ride spot program that lets you try our electric bikes and discover the best fit for you.
Please, come to HOVSCO INC at 820 S Wanamaker Ave, Ontario, CA, 91761, US or call (+1) 626-523-1051 (8:30 am – 5:00 pm PDT) to book an ebike demo and test ride with our experts. We guarantee you that the experience will be worth your time!

Shop HOVSCO Foldable 20” Step-Through Electric Bike with Confidence!

This new HOVSCO foldable 20" step-through electric bike is already a hit!
Its low step-through frame and small size that collapse into a more compact size are perfect for tight storage spaces and portability and suit any less confident rider. Besides, it boasts a powerful 750W Bafang motor with a high-quality, long-lasting lithium-ion battery, 5-level pedal assistance, and a 7-speed gear system. Stopping is also a breeze with the 180 mm hydraulic disk breaks.
If you've never experienced a royalty ride, this foldable step-through electric bike will deliver heaven to you. And the brand HOVSCO makes it even better because:
All HOVSCO electric bikes are built with high-quality components,
We offer free and fast shipping services, and
Our bikes come with a 15-day return policy and a 2-year warranty against manufacturing defects in materials or artistry on their components.
Pro tip: After receiving your HOVSCO foldable 20” step-through electric bike, please connect with the HOVSCO app to sync your ebike information, register your warranty, and unlock your speed limit.
Erase your doubts about foldable step-through bikes and choose HOVSCO today, the perfect brand for electric bikes!

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