Do You Know How to Operate a Hovsco Ebike? HOVSCO

Do You Know How to Operate a Hovsco Ebike?

Before, we covered the working principle of Hovsco electric bicycles in detail. You can read this article: E-bikes: What are they and how do they work?
They are designed to be very easy to ride. Riders can choose from three modes:

Pedal Only

Whenever you want, you can pedal an electric bicycle just as you would a regular one. As there is no additional resistance created by the motor, it will feel exactly like a regular bicycle. Your bicycle comes either with a 3 gears or 8 gears internal drivetrain that gives you unlimited gear choices.

Pedal-Assist (sometimes called Electric-Assist)

In this mode, you can take advantage of combined human and electric power. Once you activate this mode via the on/off switch on the handlebars, the motor will gently provide electric power as you pedal. As the terrain changes, you can still switch gears to take advantage of more torque or speed. Pedal-assist mode makes cycling effortless, flattens out hills, and frees you to just enjoy the scenery.

The pedal-assist mode provides three levels of assistance: Low (30%), Medium (60%) and High (100%). As you pedal, the motor will provide additional power to complement your pedaling. Low setting adds 30% more power to your pedaling, while High setting doubles it. Pressing a button switches between levels.

For a detailed introduction to the pedal assist system of Hovsco electric bicycles, please read this article: What is Pedal Assist?


By allowing the motor to do the work, you can sit back and take a break. With "electric only" mode, simply twist the throttle on the left handlebar and you'll feel the motor kick in and propel you forward. You can keep the throttle turned to continue along or let go if you want to pedal or stop. Due to Federal regulations, the top speed in electric-only mode is limited to 20 mph.

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