Cargo Ebike Competitor Comparison: Aventon Abound and Hovsco HovCart HOVSCO

Cargo Ebike Competitor Comparison: Aventon Abound and Hovsco HovCart

Cargo ebikes are becoming increasingly popular among the US with its superior loading and hauling ability. When it comes to deciding which one to get, striking the right balance between load capacity and performance is crucial. The Hovsco HovCart cargo ebike is a prime example, seamlessly combining generous cargo-carrying abilities with an impressive electric biking experience. Whether navigating city streets or venturing off-road, the Hovsco HovCart's robust frame and cargo-friendly design present an adventure-ready solution for a diverse range of riders and lifestyles.

Regardless if you're a city commuter or an outdoor enthusiast, the Hovsco HovCart accommodates it all. Its versatility in cargo options and riding styles sets it apart as a top choice in the e-bike market. Ready to tackle anything, from daily commutes to weekend excursions, this cargo e-bike promises an exciting and efficient journey every time you hit the road.

Now, let's compare the Hovsco HovCart to Aventon’s Abound. Both e-bikes offer exceptional cargo-carrying capabilities and efficient electric assistance, but it's the subtle differences that set them apart. When it comes to features, durability, and overall value for your investment, the Hovsco HovCart undoubtedly shines. Let's delve into a detailed comparison to help you make an informed decision.


In this comparison we’ll be looking at specs such as motor power, top speed and capacity. All to help you pick the perfect ride for both cruising around town and tackling off-road adventures. HovCart offers superior performance and capacity with a friendly budget. Let's figure out which one is the right choice for our ride.

Deep Dive Into HovCart Performance

With the comparison we can see clear similarities between HovCart and Abound. But let's also dig into what sets them apart!

Power, Speed and Capacity:

Both HovCart and Abound feature a more than powerful 750W motor, which is the top legal limit for ebike motors in the United States. However, HovCart races ahead with a top speed of 28 mph, while Abound cruises at 20 mph. Need to carry stuff? HovCart's got your back with a 10-pound higher capacity compared to Abound.

Battery and Range:

When it comes to electricity performance, HovCart rocks a 720Wh battery, giving it a max range of 60 miles. Abound isn't far behind with a 672Wh battery and a max range of 50 miles. Both use high-quality cells from world-known manufacturers for their batteries.

Advanced Torque Sensing Technology

HovCart and Abound both feature the high-tech torque sensor. A torque sensor in an electric bike component that measures the force you apply to the pedals, helping the motor provide assistance proportionally. When you push harder, the motor gives more power; when you ease up, it reduces assistance. This results in a more intuitive and efficient ride, enhancing overall biking experience, battery life, and making uphill climbs easier.
Most ebikes in the market nowadays are equipped with a what is called a cadence sensor. They are relatively more sensitive, and order the motor to give more power than the torque sensor. Comparing to cadence sensor, torque sensor is intuitive, precise and economical because it Indicates the efficient use of energy achieved and maximize the bike's battery life. Also, it is more pricey than cadence sensor.

Other Bike Components

HovCart and Abound have great similarity in the bike components. They both use hydraulic disc brake, which is more advanced, responsive and valued than the commonly-used mechanic brake. They also both use 20 by 4 inches fat tires. These sturdy fat tires can conquer any road conditions, including pavements, trails, grass and sand. When it comes to suspension, both ebikes have a front suspension with a 45mm of travel and with lockout. This is more than enough for daily usage.
They are parts where the two differentiate. HovCart has five pedal assist levels while Abound has four. You’re able to adjust the more suitable power boost for you on HovCart.
Another apparent difference is on the weight. HovCart is almost 15 lbs lighter than Abound. This will come in handy if you ever need to lift up or move the ebike, for example, putting it on a car bike rack.


And here's a deal breaker – HovCart is $400 cheaper than Abound! Saving some bucks while you ride? Yes, please!


With less price, HovCart is superior to Abound in terms of range, speed and capacity.

How Cargo Ebikes Make Family Life Better

As the top electric transport site Electrek said, “HovCart seems like a more than capable e-bike for most families”. Cargo ebikes are the best choice for families with kids who cares about the environment. They are designed with excellent cargo transportation and child carrying capabilities.
Firstly, let's explore their cargo-carrying potential. Cargo ebikes are a versatile solution for transporting goods and groceries. With sturdy frames and specially designed accessories, they can accommodate a significant amount of weight and bulk, while the powerful motor still provides ample power boost for a fast and smooth ride.

On the other hand, cargo ebikes also serve as an ideal mode of transportation for families with children. They are equipped with secure and comfortable seating options for children, allowing families to travel together while ensuring the little ones are safe and content. Whether it's a trip to the park, school, or any other outing, cargo ebikes provide a fun and eco-friendly way to spend quality time with your children, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle for the entire family.

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Why Choose Hovsco

In a market that's always expanding, finding a brand that keeps delivering high-quality products with affordable prices and constantly supporting riders can be tough. Hovsco stands out by caring about lasting quality and service, and making sure your joy is more than just a bike ride. Here's how Hovsco make your ordering and biking experience silky smooth:

100+ authorized dealers across the US for test rides, great after service, maintenance and repairing
2-year warranty & 15-day return policy hat assures your to test and ride as long as you want without worrying
FREE and rapid shipping from California stock on all orders
Seller on Amazon and other marketplaces with official verification
Local physical storefront with a cozy ambiance and friendly staff
US-based support team with a telephone number and live human

Order HovCart

When comparing the specs, there are quite a lot of similarities between Hovsco HovCart and Aventon Abound. 750W motor, torque sensor, hydraulic disc brake are some of the high-valued and less commonly used components for ebikes in the market, but they can all be found on HovCart and Abound. However, there are still a variety of differences that set them apart. One of the most noticeable difference is the top speed. HovCart can reach the US legal top speed limit of 28 mph. And HovCart is significantly lighter in weight than Abound.

No matter which one you get that motivates you to hop on a bike and have a blast, enhancing your life with the freedom on two wheels is our goal. We hope you discover the perfect bike that fits your lifestyle, making every day a joyride.

Enjoy the ride, be with us!

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