Are you a Delivery Driver? Save Money Using an eBike!

Whether you’re a pizza delivery driver, a small parcel courier, or otherwise someone whose job it is to get reasonably sized packages out to customers, now is the time to begin taking advantage of the opportunity to invest in an eBike. Why? Well, that’s easy- to allow you to keep more cash in your pocket.

With how crazy fuel prices have become, nobody gets hit harder than those who rely on fueled vehicles as a source of income, or as a means to get their job done. eBikes (battery-powered 2-wheeled vehicles) provide solutions for people who would rather keep the ever-fluctuating amounts of cash that they need to shell out on a nightly basis.

With any business comes expenses; some are larger such as an investment, and others are re-occurring such as having to pay for fuel every time the tank starts running dry in a delivery vehicle. But what if your investment saves you from having to continuously pay for re-occurring expenses? The investment will pay for itself in time and eventually, the person who invested will reap the benefits of what is being saved. This is what the eBike can provide for people working as delivery drivers.


Fiscally Wise Using eBikes for Business

There are some drivers out there who have converted to electric-powered bikes and scooters to perform their deliveries and have saved thousands in under one year after purchasing the bike (in some circumstances 2 bikes). There’s a story at cartoq.com that talks about a man who bought two electric scooters to use for his job as a delivery driver for Zomato. He bought two in order to have one charging while he’s using the other, and swaps them out when necessary to keep productivity on the up and up.

Within 9 months he has saved over $1,200 which would have been blown through in gas expenses if he was using a gas-powered vehicle. The higher fuel prices become, the faster the expense of purchasing an eBike can pay for itself.

The Benefits of Using an eBike for Deliveries

There are many benefits to being a delivery driver using an eBike. The following are just a few of the benefits for you to think about:

You’re Not Paying for Gas, Insurance, and Parking Expenses

eBikes are much cheaper to purchase and use than gas-fueled vehicles like cars and trucks. You don't have to pay for petrol, vehicular insurance, or parking (in most circumstances), resulting in a lot of money saved month after month.

You Can Work Out while Working

eBikes are an excellent tool to use to get whatever amount of exercise you feel like getting. You can opt to use the pedals as little or as much as you want, or let the electric motor do all the work for you. Needless to say, this is a great way to stay in shape, plus, think of all the time you’ll save not having to do any cardio before or after work!

No Carbon Footprint

No, you might not save the world by reducing your carbon footprint, but the zero-emission nature of electric motors can at least give you the ability to boast that you’re not making the planet worse.

Better Customer Service

There are many ways that EBikes help drivers improve customer service. Without having to contend with congestion, a driver can get to a customer’s home quicker and with less hassle, making it less likely to be late with the delivery. Happy customers make for repeat business, and being on time or even ahead of schedule can be a major contributor to a customer’s outlook on the business.

Increased Efficiency

You can increase efficiency in several ways throughout your workday by using an eBike. For a few examples, a driver can get away with not having to take time to find parking as you would a car, cover ground faster depending on the environment being driven in, and be less likely to have to contend with stop-and-go traffic. With time being saved here and there throughout the day, you’ll be able to squeeze in more deliveries than you would have otherwise, which will increase what you’ll take home- profits.

The Best eBikes for Delivery Drivers

When choosing an eBike for delivery driving, finding a bike that will suit your needs is very important.  Make sure to consider the following factors when searching for an eBike:

Motor Power

The motor power is important for determining how fast and how much weight the eBike can carry. A 500–750-watt motor is a popular-sized motor and is powerful enough to tackle tough hills without losing momentum or speed. That’s about what you’d likely want to have at your disposal while out on the job.

Battery Range

The battery range is important for determining how far you can travel on a single charge. Some batteries last longer than others, but all batteries' longevity per charge will completely hinge on how you use the bike regardless of the make or model. For example, if you use nothing but the motor without pedaling at all, the battery’s charge won’t last nearly as long as it would if you were to mix it up wherever you can- pedal where it’s convenient and use the motor when it’s not.

Weight Capacity

The weight capacity is important for determining how much weight the eBike can carry. This matters depending on the manner of delivery service you’re partaking in. Most styles of bikes can handle a couple of pizzas, but weight does add up depending on what it is you’re delivering, and should be kept in mind when choosing a bike.


The price of an eBike is an important factor to consider, especially if you're on a budget. There are eBikes out there that can cost every penny as much as a motorized scooter like an Elite or Spree, while others are much more reasonably priced.

The Perfect eBike for most Delivery Services

If you’re convinced that an eBike is the smart and most cost-effective way to go, congratulations! You’ve joined the mindset of countless others out there that are reaping the benefits that an eBike can bring.

There is a bike that is manufactured by Hovsco that checks every box for people who want to invest in their delivery services, and that is the Hovsco HovCart 20” Step-Thru Electric Bike. Why would I choose this bike over others? Well, have a look at the following:

About the Hovsco HovCart 20” Step-Thru Electric Bike

The HovCart comes equipped with a powerful 750-watt hub motor, which will provide ample power to get you and your cargo up hills and to the customer when you need to without any struggle at all. Its design allows a driver to get on and off as easily as possible, without a center bar up high enough to become an obstacle.

The thick aluminum frame coupled with the meaty tires boasts a 450lb payload capacity, and its battery can last up to 60 miles while using pedal assist and can run for 40 miles while running on nothing but power before having to be recharged. In terms of convenience, there are all kinds of accessories available to deck the bike out to suit whatever your needs might be, including a multifunctional modular rack system that will hold your cargo safely and securely.

Check out all of the details in full at Hovsco.com to learn more about the bike, and to understand why this is considered the right choice for most delivery services. If that is a bit too much bike for your particular needs, you’ll find an array of different choices available on their site, and you’ll undoubtedly find something that will be a good fit.

The Future of eBike Delivery

Technology has brought electric transportation to elevated heights as of late. The thought of having any real use for an electric bike was laughable not too many years ago, as they were underpowered, unreliable, and suffered extremely short battery lives. However, those are the problems of yesteryear, having been long since solved.

Among the benefits of today’s renditions of eBikes is that they are upgradeable. As technology progresses and new advancements become realized, existing bikes can be upgraded to a certain extent to keep up with trending software & hardware.

With efforts being made around the world to break free of the internal combustion motor, it is safe to say that the future of eBikes and scooters is bright for the foreseeable future, and is a wise investment for delivery drivers, along with anyone else who likes to get out there and get in some exercise.

Final Thoughts

People are delivery drivers for different reasons, but the chief reason of all would be because they’re getting paid to do it. An investment such as an eBike comes with a host of benefits and in the long run, will allow drivers to bring home more money to use as they see fit rather than being bound to the gas station.  




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