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Winter Bicycling Tips

Many cyclists hibernate during the winter. With the right preparation and mindset, however, riding during the winter can be highly rewarding. It is absolutely possible to switch from commuting by car to commuting by bike. Avoid snarled traffic, increase your heart rate, and burn tons of calories. In addition, you'll arrive to work fully energized and with the satisfaction (justly earned) of having already accomplished something before your day even begins.

In the winter, bike paths and trails that are crowded in summer are transformed, becoming blissfully crowd-free.

You can keep riding through the winter months by following these tips: 

Ease into winter riding

Ride shorter rides to get acclimated to the weather and get your gear used to it. Conditions are more challenging than in warmer seasons.

Ride the bike you already know

You’re used to how your bike handles; no need to buy a winter-specific bike—just add or upgrade a few components on your current one.

Gear up to see and be seen

Prepare for riding after dark by significantly beefing up your lighting, including bright headlights, safety lights and reflective gear.

Check and adjust your tire pressure

Air pressure loss happens faster in cold temps; inflate tires to the low end of the recommended range. Consider switching to grippier tires.

Dress for warmth

Wear layers so you can adjust to changing conditions; you also need rain gear, gloves, and a warmer helmet and bicycle shoes.

Winterize your riding tactics

If a bike lane or shoulder has muck or ice, take the right traffic lane instead. Ride relaxed to improve handling on bumpy, icy or wet roads.

Clean and cover your bike

Grime and/or ice can build up quickly on winter roadways and, in turn, on your drivetrain, frame and other components.

Keep electric bike batteries warm

Cold temps drain the battery quickly, so store yours indoors and use riding tactics that conserve power.

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